BMW Z4 Rentals

The BMW Z4 has been totted as the car that revolutionized the roadster, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why! The BMW Z4, introduced in 2003 as the replacement for the Z3 model was designed with shocking lines and an originality never before seen in a “Bimmer”. Based on the X-Coupe concept car unveiled at the 2001 International Car Show in Detroit, the Z4 luxury car rental is more human and less mechanistic than other roadsters on the market today. The basic proportions of the BMW Z4 roadster luxury car rental stick to traditional conventions; a long hood, short rear deck, wide track stance and short overhangs are all present. Ridges, bulges and radical lines were the main focus of early Z4 critics, but designer Chris Bangle, has a reason for every feature of the Z4 look.

L-BMW-Z4Diagonal slash marks behind the front wheel, although unconventional, add to the dynamic energy of the car, instead of ordinary air outlet grills, found on 1950’s roadsters and the Z3 model. “Shut lines” are found on the hood, door and trunk lid, not as compromises but as intricate styling features which add to the overall appeal of the vehicle. A continuous line can be found from the front edge of the hood all the way to trunk, creating a flowing and aesthetically tantalizing body mold. This continuous line was a never before seen concept developed by Bangle specifically for the Z4. In fact, this styling feature was so revolutionary the Munich Art Museum asked Bangle to design a massive display based on the theme as an exhibition in the gallery!

The swollen trunk of the Z4 is purely aerodynamics, but also adds some extra space, which is unheard of in the world of roadsters. The powerful body of the Z4 luxury car rental is covered with small creases which Bangles calls ‘splines”. These splines hint at a skeletal structure beneath the body metal, tying the untamed vehicle to an animalistic origin.

The inside of the Z4 luxury car rental is far less controversial than the exterior feature and instrument panel equipped with large dails. Tubes reduce reflection in the fascia which is either a simple slab trimmed in either high-gloss graphite or brushed aluminum. The power convertible top is controlled by a button concealed beneath the dash. Simply hold this button in place and the top will tuck itself away with no need to unlatch anything. This top takes up remarkably little space in the trunk area, a much needed improvement over the Z3 model. The Z4 is also extremely safe with a total of six airbags included standard on the vehicle – face, thorax and knee cushioning is installed on both the driver and passenger sides.

Mechanically the Z4 is a superior vehicle. Two engines are available in the Z4 model, both are i6’s with overhead camshafts, variable timing and drive by wire electronic throttle. Plus, both are remarkable quick! The 2.5 liter does about 185 horsepwoer at 6,000 rpm’s, while the 3.0 liter can manage 225 horsepower at 5,900 rpm’s. An electronic motor provides additional turning torque, traction control and a variety of other stabilizing features. The 2.5 liter engine model of the Z4 luxury car rental comes with a five speed manual transmission while the 3.0 liter comes loaded with a all new six-speed shifter. Auditory bliss awaits you when driving the Z4 luxury car rental – take this baby up to 5000 rpms and it will start wailing like a Ferrari! The sound of this engine adds to the complete package that is the BMW Z4 luxury car rental, so be sure to check it out! The Z4 is surprisingly good on all types of surfaces including wet and muddy roads, while the Dynamic Stability control helps to maintain traction on sandy patches of desert highway.

If you’re looking for a revolutionary roadster that is bound to turn heads, go ahead and reserve your Z4 luxury car rental today. This BMW is like no other on the road, so prepare for some exhilarating driving!