Convertible Rentals

Convertibles are by far the best way to experience the Las Vegas desert. Nothing can compare to cruising through the heat waves with the warm desert breeze blowing through your hair. Dream Car Rentals offers a wide variety of Las Vegas exotic convertible rental cars including Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette Convertibles! Not sure if a convertible Las Vegas exotic rental car is for you? Read on for some informative facts and advantages for reserving a convertible rental from Dream Car Rentals!

The obvious advantage to renting a convertible Las Vegas exotic car rental is the inherent coolness factor; there is just something about putting the top down and letting the wind blow through your hair! Convertibles definitely make a statement; one that says “I’m carefree, and absolutely loving it!”. Driving a convertible Las Vegas exotic car rental will instantly turn you into the envy of every person you pass, so why not indulge? Your passengers will thank you for their free tanning sessions during lengthy trips!

Convertible Roofs

There are two different types of convertible roofs on the market – the soft top and the hard top. A soft fabric top is more likely to be found on an older model car and may take a little hands on finagling to disassemble. Most models come with an easy release button that automatically with change your sporty rental to a convertible. Soft tops add a favorable splash of texture to a convertible rental during rainy days and feel soft to the touch. Dream Car Rentals takes great car of their soft convertible tops ensuring that they be kept in the best condition possible. The hard tops on older models will also require some elbow grease when disassembling but watch for newer models that fold up on their own; neatly fitting into a compartment specifically designed for storage. These models are often two-seater convertibles, since the space require for storage is directly behind the driver and passenger seat.

Convertible Las Vegas exotic rental cars are sleek and stylish, adding that extra bit of fun to a vacation. Las Vegas is the perfect place to rent a convertible because it’s practically always summer! Cruising down the Strip in and exotic rental from Dream Car Rentals will fill you with a sense of prestige‚Ķ so why not bask in the glory of looking like a million bucks? Not everyone can afford to buy a convertible, but with our prices you can own a Corvette for the day! Dream Car Rentals offers a broad selection of convertible cars so why not take a moment and browse our current fleet here. Don’t forget that Dream Car Rentals is constantly updating their inventory so be sure to check the website regularly for updates and new stock.

Whether you visiting Las Vegas on business or for a romantic getaway, a convertible rental is the perfect way to take in the breathtaking scenery that is Las Vegas. I can guarantee that you’ll be making excuses to drive your convertible Las Vegas exotic car rental over and over again after the first time out!