Corvette Rentals

Looking to put a little spice in your life during your next trip to Las Vegas? Why not rent a Las Vegas exotic Corvette car rental? Corvettes have long been an American favorite; what with its powerful engine and stylish exterior, is impossible not to love! There are thousands of Corvette enthusiasts out thereā€¦ today’s your day to get in on the action! Read on to learn a little history on the Corvette.

The first Corvette prototype was displayed at the Motorama show in New York at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in 1953 and later that year the first American sports car began rolling of the assembly line in Flint Michigan. It wasn’t long before this American beauty captured the heart of car enthusiasts and became the dream car of every American. By 1958 Chevrolet began recording a profit from Corvette sales and continued to re-engineer and re-design the car making it faster and even more stunning. Over the 52 years that Corvettes have been on the market they have been re-designed 6 times allowing Chevrolet to produce the best sports car out there.

The Corvettes of the 1990’s have continued to awe the drivers of today with its sheer power and unique styling. This two-seater sports car offers a very distinct exterior with its sleek dimensions and contoured hood. The headlights and taillights of the Chevrolet Corvette, along with the classic Corvette emblem practically shout, “Look at me!”. People on the street are sure to stop and stare when you drive by in this Las Vegas exotic rental car! Although the engine purrs like a kitten don’t be fooled! This baby can run like a cheetah going from one to sixty miles an hour in a blink of an eye. Be sure to pack light thought because this Las Vegas exotic car rental doesn’t pack a lot of cargo space. On average two full size suitcase can fit into the trunk at a time.

The interior of the Corvette doesn’t offer much cargo space either, but the cockpit is definitely built with driver and passenger comfort in mind. With ample leg and head room the Corvette is designed for comfortable driving and supreme enjoyment. Just be careful navigating those speed bumps, this Las Vegas exotic rental car sits very close to the ground so be sure to yield! Chevrolet Corvettes come in both the Coupe model and the Convertible, and commonly rely on a manual transmission. The engine is a rear wheel drive, allowing for increased cornering abilities and responsive steering. Never driven a Corvette? While now is your chance! Why not treat yourself to a little piece of the American dream during your Las Vegas vacation?! Reserve your Las Vegas exotic Corvette car rental today!