Ford Mustang Rentals

If you’re looking to rent a classic American automobile, chances are the Ford Mustang Las Vegas car rental from Dream Car Rental is the vehicle for you! The American public has always had a love affair with the muscle car, which makes the Mustang an absolute fan favorite! The Ford Mustang is a sleek and stylish vehicle, while at the same time managing to be fun and youthful, making it a perfect Las Vegas car rental for both young and old! With a powerful engine and roomy interior the Ford Mustang Las Vegas car rental is a great vehicle choice for those of you planning a trip to Las Vegas!

The Ford Mustang was first released in the 1960’s (the very first Mustang ever produced is actually on Display at the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan!) and has since become a stable of American engineering. Over the years the Ford Mustang has revolutionized American muscle and the concept of a functional luxury vehicle. The Pony Car’s of the past decade come equipped with thriving V6 and V8 engines, with the basic 3.8 liter engine pumping out 190 horsepower. An all new intake system was designed for the Mustang at the turn of the century, which was capable of squeezing and extra 40 horsepower out of a standard V6. Plus, as Ford developed electronic engine management and emissions technology throughout the ’90s, the Mustang’s performance continually accelerated.

The look of the Ford Mustang Las Vegas car rental demands attention what with its plentitude of body creases and sharp body lines. This aggressive looking vehicle has undergone a variety of facelifts in the past but the appeal of the Mustang never changes! The Mustang is the only vehicle from Ford’s Pony Car era to stand the test of time; the Camaro and Firebird were quick to die out. So what is it that makes the Mustang such an enviable car? Well for starters, the rear-well drive, high performance motor, modified suspension and big brakes make the Ford Mustang Las Vegas car rental a true king of the road. Critics and consumers alike praise the Mustang with steady sales numbers and numerous accolades. Ford continues to sell approximately 150,000 Mustangs annually, making it one of their best performance sellers of all time. The Mustang made Car and Driver magazine’s Ten Best list four times: 1983, 87, 88 and 2005, while also being nominated for the North American Car of the Year Award in ’05.

The Ford Mustang has become an automotive icon world wide with its distinctive body styling and sheer muscle. Whether you’re interested in a supercharged GT, a fun convertible or a powerful Mach, the Mustang label has you covered. And from the looks of things, the future of Mustang will continue to get better and better!

Although currently not available as a Las Vegas car rental the Ford Mustang 2005 is a vehicle that simply cannot be ignored! Introduced at the 2004 North American International Car Show, the 2005 is a Mustang unlike any other! Inspired by the 1960’s Pony Car, the ’05 Mustang received a 300 horsepower 4.6 liter V8 which more muscle than ever before! Computer aided designed helped to rocket the Mustang into the 21st century, equipping the Mustang with more structural rigidity and increased build quality. The present SVT Cobra Mustang is the fastest, most powerful factory model in Ford’s Mustang history, but don’t expect designers to stop there!

As the Ford Mustang continues to reinvent itself Dream Car Rental invites you to become a part of the Mustang craze! Go ahead and reserve your Mustang Las Vegas car rental today! Driving this slice of American history is an experience like no other out there.