Hummer Rentals

Are you looking for the ultimate SUV for your next trip to Las Vegas? Then check out the Hummers at Dream Car Rentals! These massive road tanks have quickly grown in popularity over the years and have come to symbolize the crème de la crème of off-roading vehicles. Renting a Hummer as your Las Vegas exotic rental car is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget! Read on for more information on the Hummer H2 model currently available at Dream Car Rentals.

In 1979 AM General built a prototype HMMWV (High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle) for the army. By 1983 over 55,000 HMMWV’s were in production by the US Government and were being sold to places like the LTV Aerospace and Defense Company. The Hummer had become THE superior vehicle and later became notorious for its role in the Persian Gulf Wars. In 1992 a civilian vehicle was introduced by AM General and as of now there are seven different models available to the public with over 40 Hummer dealerships in the US and approximately 12 distributors internationally. Hummers have also been commissioned for use in heavy construction, oil and gas exploration, mining, fire and rescue and for different government agencies (think CSI Miami!).

The H2

In 1999 General Motors acquired sole possession of the Hummer brand name and began producing the H2; General Motors revamped version of the Humvee. The Hummer H2 Las Vegas exotic rental car starts with a GM Suburban frame, but don’t expect any ordinary SUV! The H2 is the supreme off road vehicle. Therefore, what feels like poor engine speed during in town driving is really the result of the Hummers rugged terrain design. The H2 can climb 16-inch vertical walls, operate in up to 20 inches of water, and navigate a 40% grade side slope all with nearly 3,500 pounds of cargo! The Hummer H2 Las Vegas exotic rental car can fit 6 people and has a four door entry system. Hummer H2’s are massive vehicles and are classified as Class 3 Truck. Although this doesn’t require a special type of license, driving the H2 may take a little while to get used to due to the unfamiliar blind spots and the sheer bulk of the machine. But aside from its massive body the Hummer H2 is a Las Vegas exotic rental car like no other. You won’t get the chance to drive one of the babies very often, so why not reserve yours today? Call 877-373-2601 to reserve your H2 now or click here.