Jaguar Rentals

jaguar x type for rentThe name Jaguar was first used in 1935 and since then it has grown to symbolize one of the sleekest and sexiest vehicle on the planet. From their classic design to the internationally recognizable front hood ornament, Jaguar has become a favorite town car for the elite working class; a family sedan for the fashionable housewife; and the dream car of teenagers around the globe. Dream Car Rentals currently offers the Jaguar X-Type hardtop in their Las Vegas rental car repertoire. This page contains some interesting information on these models along with a brief overview of what makes a Jaguar ooze class!

The Jaguar Legacy

Motorcycle sidecars and innovative “people’s cars” ruled the production lines at SS Cars LTD (Jaguar’s prior company name) during the years leading up to World War II. After the war the company changed its name to Jaguar Cars LTD and the option of left-sided driving controls was introduced. By 1946 Jaguar was designing sports cars with the initiative to rival super powers like the BMW 328. By the mid-fifties Jaguar had dedicated its powers to exclusively engineering luxury and sports vehicles. Great deals of their vehicles were being sold to foreign markets making them an international powerhouse on the exotic car market.

In 1960 Jaguar bought out Daimler and in 1966 Jaguar Cars LTD merged with the British Motor Corporation. 1968 brought another merger, this time with Leyland; it wasn’t long before Jaguar Cars ltd became the largest British car complex. Sadly this new found fame turned out to be too much, in 1975 Leyland Cars was reformed and the late ’70’s proved to be a rebuilding time for Jaguar. Thankfully the company recovered and continued to produce luxury sedans and automobiles practically unrivaled for sensual details and classic styling until they were purchased by the Ford Motor company in 1989.

The Jaguar X-Type Hardtop

The Jaguar X-Type Las Vegas exotic rental car is a true Jaguar sedan. With roots back to the original 1963 X-type, this Las Vegas exotic rental car is a sports-sedan complete with the trademark Jaguar quad headlights and crouching Jaguar hood ornament (newer models may or may not have come with the front ornamentation). This Las Vegas exotic car rental was first introduced in 2002 and has been attracting a lot of attention ever since. With room for four adult passengers the X-Type sedan is perfect for those of you visiting Las Vegas on business, or as a family car. Don’t let the word sedan fool you though; this isn’t your Grandma’s town car! The Jaguar X-Type has a powerful standard 3.0 liter V6 and can tear up the road with just a little pressure on the gas!