Luxury SUV Rentals

Heading to Las Vegas with a big group of friends or family? Why not reserve an exotic SUV rental from Dram Car Rentals? Dream Car Rentals offers a wide variety of SUV models including Hummers, Jeep Wranglers, and Ford Expeditions. These SUV’s offer optimum room for your most prized possessions. SUV Las Vegas exotic car rentals offer a wide variety of advantages; read on to learn more about the SUV’s at Dream Car and for some of the advantages associated with renting a luxury SUV.

SUV Advantages

Over the years SUV’s have been given a bad rep in the safety department, but pay not attention to these false accusations. In June ’98 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirmed that SUV’s perform the same as most full-size cars during a collision. Dream Car Rentals take safety seriously offering heavy built Las Vegas exotic rental car SUVs, which provide safety and peace of mind to its occupants. Note that SUVs were designed primarily for off road driving so there’s no need to fear the elements while visiting Las Vegas. With four-wheel drive options and newly designed electronic stability control you can be assured that your vehicle will work to keep you safe. Plus these Las Vegas exotic rental cars are extremely fly! From the taillights to the engine and everything inbetween, these luxury vehicles offer the highest degree of quality.

SUV Rentals


Currently Dream Car Rentals offers the Hummer H2 model. This luxury SUV is a true urban tank! With the ability to climb over fallen trees, plough through shallow lakes and withstand enemy attack, this military influenced luxury vehicle may seem a little out of place on the highway… but just wait until you get behind the wheel. With a spacious interior and unlimited power, who wouldn’t want to drive a Hummer?

Jeep Wranglers

The Jeep Wrangler Las Vegas exotic rental car is the prime off-roading vehicle. Thinking about hitting the trails with your friends during your stay in Las Vegas? Check out the Wrangler rentals at Dream Car Rentals. Jeep has dedicated itself to designing the most efficient and affordable off-road vehicles on the market. Who wouldn’t want to rent a Jeep Wrangler from Dream Car Rentals?!

Ford Expeditions

The Ford Expedition is a popular option for cruising the strip with your best friends. Stylish, yet rugged, this SUV is a perfect option for both male and female drivers, young or old. The Ford Expedition was designed to comfortably fit eight adult passengers so grab your friends and get out on the town tonight!