Prowler Rentals

If you thought the hot rod was dead, think again! The Prowler is Chrysler’s tribute to classic cars, mixing a little bit of the old, with a lot of the new! The Prowler received such a favorable response when it was introduced as a concept car at the 1993 North American Auto Show, Chrysler Corporation decided to unveil a production version three years later at the international show in Detroit. Official production began in July of 1997 and continued until 2002 at the Conner Avenue Assembly plant in the ‘Motor City’. Public response was overwhelming back then, and it still is today! Dream Car Rental is excited to offer this sleek and stylish ‘hot rod’ as a Las Vegas car rental! Prowlers are not a common car rental vehicle, so don’t miss out on this once in a life time opportunity from Dream Car Las Vegas Car Rentals!

L-Plymouth-ProwlerWhen the Prowler was first introduced to the streets in 1997 it had a 214 horsepower 3.5 liter V6 SOHC engine, the same motor offered in the Chrysler Intrepid and Concorde. When the Prowler entered its second generation of engineering in 1999 a new, more powerful and all aluminum 253 horsepower V6 was installed, making the Prowler a true beauty of the road. The year ’99 also saw the addition of de-powered airbags, complete with a passenger side cutoff switch, light-up power window controls and a driver’s side ‘express-down’ window.

In 2000 the Prowler received a variety of upgrades including Goodyear Eagle GSD EMT runflat tires that were designed specifically for the Prowler. These heavier tires, combined with recalibrated Koni shocks, reduced spring rates and a newly designed rear suspension resulted in improved ride and better cornering. The interior of the 2000 Prowler Las Vegas car rental also received a facelift; new electrochromic rearview mirrors were installed with a compass, outside temperature reading, mini trip counter and glass that automatically dimmed at night to reduce glare. The Prowler also became available in three different colors during the 2000 automotive season; besides the traditional ‘Prowler Purple’ you could choose from ‘Prowler Red’, ‘Prowler Silver Metallic’ and ‘Prowler Black’.

The Prowler Las Vegas car rental is by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing cars on the road today. Regardless of where you look, this car screams “look at me!” the tapered body and exposed front tires are reminiscent of Ford and Chevy coupes of yesteryear, while the smaller front tires and wheels remind car lovers of classic hot rods from the 30’s and 40’s. The rear of the Prowler adds to the classic hot rod look and it appears extremely wide and high. The chrome twin exhaust pipes help to accent the back end, along with the wide rear tires and separate fenders.

The Prowler Las Vegas car rental is a convertible that comes with a black manually operated top. This top folds down into a cavity behind the seats under a plastic boot cover. The top is easy to maneuver, but you will have to get out of the car in order to lower it properly. Storage space is pretty scarce in the Prowler Las Vegas car rental so be advised to pack light!

In true hot rod fashion, the Prowler is known to be considerable quick on straight -line acceleration. This is because the entire vehicle ways a trivial 2838 pounds, making it quick and agile. The braking is also excellent on this Las Vegas car rental because of its light weight and four wheel disc brakes. The retro looking Prowler offers extremely modern engineering including a whole lot of rust free aluminum body work. The suspension is fully independent unlike earlier hotrods while the four vented disc brakes with ABS technology come standard.

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