Where are you?

Dream Car Rentals is located at 6055 Emerald Ave,. Las Vegas, NV 89122, East side of town, near the I-95 and Russell Rd. All vehicles are delivered to your Strip hotel. Please contact us for alternate arrangements.

What hours are you open?

We are currently open 7 days a week from 9AM until 6PM by appointment. These hours can vary slightly based on demand. An after hours drop box for the rental car keys is available for overnight returns. Call us for holiday hours on Thanksgiving (4th Thursday of November), Christmas Eve and Day, and New Years Eve and Day, or for any questions regarding our hours of business during your rental period.

Do you offer a shuttle service?

Upon arrival, our reserved customers may call our office to arrange shuttle service from the McCarran Airport Rental Car Center to our office which is less than 2 miles away. The fee for Las Vegas strip hotel pickup and drop off is $10 per trip, and will be added to your rental contract charges. Shuttle service is not guaranteed and, when available, wait time varies as is based on workload and staffing.

Do I need a reservation?

We highly recommend that you make an advanced reservation due to the high demand for our vehicles. We will need your name, credit card information, phone number, and e-mail address to hold a vehicle for you. We do not authorize or charge your credit or debit card until the day of the reservation, in most cases.
To cancel your reservation and avoid any applicable cancellation or no show charges being applied to your credit or debit card, a 24 hr. advance notice is required for standard vehicles, and a 72 hr. advance notice is required for exotic vehicles.

Can I have an additional driver?

Yes you can.
There are no additional fees for spouses on standard vehicles, though fees apply to exotics and any persons under 25 years old.
For all others, fees apply and vary by car class and age if under 25 years old.

Do I need to come to your location to get the car?

Yes, you need to come into our office to present your personal documents and sign your rental contract. We can deliver and pickup your rental, but this must be arranged beforehand as all documents have to be prepared in advance. There is a $15.00 and up fee for each way, depending on the location and distance from our location. If you need to pay for a rental with your credit or debit card for someone else to pick up without you being present, you must contact our office and be approved in advance of making the reservation. If you need to park your personal car while renting from us, we do have limited space for customers to park free of charge.
6055 Emerald Ave
Las Vegas, Nevada 89122

What do I need to rent? (non-exotic vehicles)

All renters must be at least 21 years old, and for some exotics a minimum of 25 years old. Under 25 year old renters will incur additional fees which vary by car class. We do not accept any Pre-Paid cards or cash for the deposit required to rent. At the time of rental, the renter must be present with either their major credit card or bank issued debit card with both the Visa or Mastercard logo and “Plus” icon present on card, and renters name on card. The Deposit/Authorization due at the time of rental will be; For major credit card, a minimum of $200 or approximately double the rental amount, whichever amount is the greater. For Debit Card, the Deposit will be a minimum of $400 or approximately four times the rental amount, whichever amount is the greater. The full deposit must be held for the duration of the rental on a single card. You may use your major credit card, debit card, prepaid card, cash, or a combination of these to pay final charges upon the return of the vehicle and closing of the contract only. Renter must have in their possession at the time of rental a current and valid driver’s license with photograph. If renter wishes to opt out of purchasing the Rental Car Coverage we offer (sold at counter, not available on all vehicles, call for details) the renter must have valid proof of auto insurance (auto insurance ID card, or copy of internet purchased rental car insurance policy) which will cover all rental car damages. Local customers, in addition to all the aforementioned, must also show proof of residency via a current utility bill in their name, as well as proof of employment via a current employer issued paystub. Name and addresses must match on all documents presented by all renters.

Do you only rent in the Las Vegas area?

Dream Car Rentals only location is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. You are able to drive most of our vehicles in Nevada and the following Nevada bordering states: California, Utah, Arizona, although a select few of our exotic vehicles may be restricted from out of city limits, or out of state travel. It is possible to have a vehicle delivered or picked up outside of Las Vegas, elsewhere in Nevada, California, Utah or Arizona, although there will be pick up/delivery fees and mileage restrictions that will be applied and vary by distance and vehicle type. You cannot take our vehicles to Mexico or Canada at anytime, and at no time is off pavement driving permitted in standard or exotic vehicles, but we do have an Off Road Driving vehicle option (subject to availability). Please contact us for details about any of your special requests or needs.

What coverage is offered on the rentals?

Daily rental rates for the vehicles assume the renter will be responsible for the full value of the vehicle and does not include any rental vehicle insurance coverage. Auto Liability Insurance is offered on all our rental vehicles. We provide liability for third party damages/injuries up to $40,000, and we offer for purchase; SLI ,RCP (on most vehicles), and PAC coverage. Rates vary by vehicle type and policy limits, and deductibles where required, are subject to change.

What does RCP stand for?

Renters Collision Protection
Covers damage to the rental vehicle up to policy limit of $20,000 and requires a $250 deductible.
Not available on a select few of our vehicles.

What does SLI stand for?

Supplemental Liability Insurancr
SLI is excess automobile liability coverage that protects you and all authorized drivers of the rental vehicle against third-party bodily injury and property-damage claims.
Coverage is from $40,001 to $1,000,000

What does PAC stand for?

Personal Accident Coverage

Provides limited coverage for death or bodily injury for renter and passengers.

Can you tell us some good places to drive for sight seeing?

You bet! Lake Mead, Lake Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, Mt. Charleston, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Route 66, and the Extraterrestrial Highway are just some of the great places to go and enjoy your Dream Car Rental! Check out these other Las Vegas Points of Interest


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