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Las Vegas Overview

Viva Las Vegas! Las Vegas, Nevada, as we all know, is one of the hottest places to visit in the US, and that’s not just because of the scorching temperatures! From its classy hotels, to extravagant casinos and vivacious nightlife, Las Vegas is a city of nonstop life and action. Read on to find out a little more about the history of Las Vegas, from the near death of gambling to the success of the world famous Strip. Las Vegas is a place filled with high rollers and big dreamers, so why not splurge for an exotic car rental during your stay? Everyone deserves to look like a million bucks, (regardless of how much they plan to gamble!).

History Facts

  • The first non-Aboriginal to set foot in the Oasis of the Las Vegas Valley was Rafael Rivera
  • Las Vegas means “The Meadows” in Spanish
  • John C. Fremont led the first overland expedition through Las Vegas, camping at the Las Vegas Springs on May 13, 1844
  • His name is remembered today at The Fremont Hotel and there is also a street named after him, which just happens to be the main thoroughfare through the heart of Casino country

The “End” of Nevada Gambling

At midnight, on October 1, 1910, a strict anti-gambling law was put into effect, restricting all forms of Gambling in the state, eve the western custom of flipping a coin to determine the price of a drink! A paper in Reno at the time, The Nevada State Journal, summed it up when it reported: “Stilled forever is the click of the roulette wheel, the rattle of the dice and the swish of the cards.” Thankfully “forever” only lasted for three weeks! It didn’t take long gambling to resurface illegally in pubs and backrooms through the desert. In 1931 gambling was once again legalized under the design to raise needed taxes for public schooling. As it turns out this ideal is still a staple of the Nevada Legislature; over 34% of the state’s general funds collected through gambling tax revenue is pumped directly into the public education system. So don’t feel guilty if you find your wallet to be noticeably lighter on the drive back to your hotel in your exotic car rental… in a round about way you’re helping to shape the futures of Nevada’s youth!

The City Today

Today Las Vegas is a booming metropolis, full of glamour and excess, which will become outrageously evident during your first trip down the Strip in your exotic car rental. The 1990 saw a huge trend towards the building of massive hotel complexes in Las Vegas, all competing for the title of the largest hotel in the world. (For more information on accommodations, feel free to browse Dream Car Rentals informative pages on hotels and resorts!) The MGM Grand took the cake, with an unmatched capacity of 5000 rooms! You’ll also find the new trend of building “mini-cities” evident when driving your exotic car rental throughout the city. Places like New York, Paris and Venice have now found a new home in the Las Vegas landscape. If you are looking for a more distinctive Las Vegas feel, drive your exotic car rental Downtown where the more intimate and original casinos remain as the guardians of the Las Vegas of old.

It’s hard to believe that normal people live normal lives in this fast paced city of lights and money, but it’s true. Suburbs exist, but are often discarded by the visitors who are drawn to the neon lights and entertainment of the Casino Strip. If you’re looking for something a little less glitzy just hop in your exotic car rental and cruise on past the bright lights… there are plenty of interesting attractions within a days trip of Las Vegas, including the Hoover Dam, Mount Charleston and plenty more! Please feel free to browse Dream Car Rentals extensive pages for more information on Las Vegas!