Acacia Park and Demonstration Gardens

The Acacia Park and Demonstration Gardens is a large park within the city of Henderson that is great to visit with your family while you are in the area with your Dream Car Rental.

Conserve Water

The Acacia Demonstration Gardens is an effort between the City of Henderson and the Conservation District of Southern Nevada to provide landscaping examples that are drought-friendly for a desert climate. With your Henderson, Nevada car rental you can see some of these great designs and spend the day outside. They also offer a number of workshops, which you can sign up for online, throughout the year. Take a look and see if there is something that interests you!

Play In The Park

The park is located at Gibson and Las Palmas Entradas, and open from 6:00 a.m. until midnight. There are many facilities here to keep you busy when you visit with your Henderson, Nevada car rental. The park covers 18 acres of land and has a lighted ball field, basketball courts, covered picnic shelters and tables, barbeques, lighted fields, open grass areas, a playground, restrooms, a walking course, and a water play area that is open during the day from May through September. There is also a dog park if you have your pet with you in your Henderson, Nevada car rental.

When you are visiting the park with your Henderson, Nevada car rental there are a few things you should be aware of. Pets are allowed here, but must be on a leash and they are not allowed in the water features. There are also two dog areas where they can socialize. Be sure to pick up after your pet.

Fireworks, glass containers, alcoholic beverages (expect with special permission), tents, and motorized scooters are not allowed in the park. There is also no overnight camping or parking here. Fire is limited to the barbeque pit only, and only during certain times of the year. Climbing on the trees or other structures is also prohibited (except for the playground).

Art In The Park

Today, the city of Henderson is large, but with small town values. There are many other parks to visit, as well as other leisure venues. Henderson has greatly grown since its first years to become the second largest city in the state. There are more and more shopping malls, movie theater complexes, restaurants, and casinos moving to the area as the city grows. There is also many arts and cultural programs here, such as Shakespeare in the Park, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Acacia Park and Demonstration Gardens gives you an opportunity to spend the day in a beautiful park while you can experience some of the great landscape that works with the desert climate and conserves water.