Adventure Dome At CircusCircus

Need a fun packed, activity-laden vacation with the family? Arrive at CircusCircus in your Las Vegas rental car to begin a holiday that will surpass all others! The Adventure Dome at CircusCircus guarantees thrills for the adventurous daredevil and family fun for the more cautious at heart.

Not only will you find fun and adventure while visiting the Adventure Dome, but the area also offers convenient accommodations including parking nearby where you can easily access your Las Vegas rental car while staying in one of the five spectacular tower accommodations. Each of these spacious rooms continues the circus theme with color, furnishings and accessories, so the adventures don’t have to end when you head back to your room.

Where To Begin?!

There is so much to see and do that you will want to plan your adventures ahead of time. Begin your day at Adventure Dome by purchasing all-day passes promising continuous fun for the entire day. This inside theme park has loads of activities for the whole family. From the midway you catch a tram, which will guide you to your day of fun! The tinted glass geodesic shape is air-conditioned which is especially comforting in the hot summer months. Once on the grounds, you have the choice of the many rides, which is sure to challenge the thrill seeker in you.

Popular Rides Include:

Canyon Blaster

This double looped indoor roller coaster has a double corkscrew, ensuring a double amount of thrills! Twisting and turning, spinning upside-down, you lose all sense of direction while your pulse rate skyrockets!


Situated under the Canyon Blaster track, this ride will spin you around and turn you upside down. You find yourself going backwards, flipping over and twirling. Because the speed and motion are randomly set every time you climb aboard this ride, you experience a new thrill each time! Be sure to keep any loose items stowed away in your Las Vegas rental car for safekeeping.

The Slingshot

One year and $1,500,000 later this is a ride to challenge even the greatest thrill seekers. Strap yourself into the circular 12-person ride and look down. Yes, your feet are floating freely. The ride reaches as high as 100 feet at 4 Gs! Once near the tower’s summit the car slowly breaks then falls freely to earth. You will be able to feel the sensation of what zero gravity feels like.


Here is another upside down oh-my-gosh ride not recommended for the faint of heart. You are harnessed and strapped clinging to a T-bar facing the concrete floor 50 feet below you. The circular ride has you facing the floor before it swings you backward and resting horizontal again.

Where to End?

After taking in many of the exciting rides take some time out to catch your breath and enjoy a meal at one of the many food kiosks. Afterwards, test your skills at one of the many arcade games that appeal to all ages. The younger ones will love the SkeeBall game that is at their skill level.

Futuristic Photos

Commemorate your experience by getting a family photograph taken and have it electronically enhanced to see how you look 20 years from now. Definitely a unique souvenir to show all your friends when you return home from your Las Vegas rental car vacation!

Imax Motion Simulator Cineplex

Take in an Imax motion picture and experience action on the screen. Watching and rescuing the dinosaurs in Dino Island I and II or SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D diving into Bikini Bottom will please the young set. It’s sure to have the kids talking throughout the rest of your Las Vegas rental car trip.

Rim Runner

This gentle, lazy water ride is the perfect way to end your day at Adventure Dome. Slowly floating down the waterway gives you just the relaxation you need before you continue on your Las Vegas rental car adventures.