American Racing Academy

The American Racing Academy is a place where you can experience driving unlike in your luxury car rental. This is one of the best racing schools in North America. They claim “offers its customers a multitude of auto racing and high performance driving school programs designed to accommodate any budget and skill level”. This company was founded by Formula One and Indycar driver Derek Daly, so you know that he knows what he is teaching! All of this is just twenty miles from the Las Vegas Strip with your luxury car rental. It is located at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Formula One

Formula One is one of the most prestigious races in the world. When you visit the American Racing Academy with your luxury car rental can get the real experience of a Formula One driver. This is an exclusive opportunity because there are only a few of these cars in the world. Racing programs are offered for half days, full days, two-, three-, and five-day courses. For those who have experienced this before: don’t worry about being bored. There are advanced courses as well to make your driving better. When you return home in your luxury car rental you will feel completely different behind the wheel.

Driving Programs

Driving programs make the street and track programs fun and competitive, as well as provide students with real tips and tricks that could save their lives on the road one day after you leave with your luxury car rental. They introduce you to the program in the classroom, then take you to the training area to reinforce what was learned. Students are then put into cars and proactive their techniques.

The experience at the American Racing Academy will be unlike any other you have encountered. However, although this can be very fun and beneficial for you, the prices can be a little high. If you plan on going, it is a good idea to put aside some money for this before you hit the tables in Vegas.

Other Activities

There are many other activities near Las Vegas for those of you who do not like to drive as much. Once you drop someone off at the race track, you can take your luxury car rental down the road and visit one of the other many attractions in Las Vegas.

There are nature attractions right in Las Vegas such as the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat and the Lion Exhibit at the MGM. These two locations have live animals in the middle of the city, but in a re-created natural environment.

For shopping, try walking down the strip or make your way to Fashion Show Mall for a very wide selection of stores.

For something completely different, try Fly Away Indoor Skydiving or at night try Risque Nightclub, where you can see the Pussycat Dolls perform on a nightly basis.