Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

The Bellagio is reminiscent of ancient Italy. Sweeping past the entrance you will see the magnificent Lake Bellagio in your Las Vegas rental car. At night the Fountains of Bellagio give an exquisite display of dancing, splashing waters and lighting enhanced by beautiful symphonies.

Bellagio Can Accommodate

Leave your Las Vegas rental car with the valet service and step into the sumptuous Italianesque Bellagio. Décor in the lobby is courtesy of Dale Chihuly. Looking up you will feel like royalty. Chihuly’s 2000 fragile blossoms decorating the ceiling are amazing.

Eye Candy

The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art is world renown for its glorious exhibits of art, both classic and modern. The art collection covers four centuries of the work of the Masters. Many of the exhibits and collections are on loan from both private collectors and museums and art galleries. Going to the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art in your Las Vegas rental car for a tour is a voyage into beauty. The opportunity to feast upon these masterpieces, both old and modern, should not be passed by.

Wander through the rooms to experience the works of Degas. His works depict the lifestyle of the 19th century. His paintings tended to express what he saw and not what his subject hoped would be observed. Some of Degas’ works include the bronze statues “Dancer looking at the sole of her right foot” and the graceful “Spanish dancer”. Degas was intrigued by the human body and sought to immortalize it in his outstanding works on canvas and in bronze.

Claude Monet’s works were on loan for an exhibit a t the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. The style of this late 19th century, early 20th century artist is similar to the Impressionist style of Renoir and Rembrandt. Monet’s beautiful “Nympheas” and “The Grandes Decorations” series indicate his love for his beautiful gardens and lily ponds. His brush- stroke technique, the layering of color make the ponds shimmer and reflect the sky’s luminescence. The beauty, the peace of these works will inspire in you a sense of serenity. How wonderful it would be to drive past these gardens and ponds in your Las Vegas rental car.

Ansel Adams is a modern American artist whose works are exhibited at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. Adams is noted for his stark black and white photographs of western wilderness. Experience the awe-inspiring contrast of the winter snow clad pines with the rugged terrain in Yosemite National Park. The Ansel Adams exhibition includes not only his wonderful photographs but also his personal letters and notes thus giving you an essence of the man and his talent You will want to visit the gift shop for a distinctive souvenir of the excursion. You can safely tuck your purchases in the trunk of your Las Vegas rental car.

A Palate Of Treats For Your Taste Buds

There are many dining rooms and cafes to please the palate during your Las Vegas vacation:


In keeping with the theme of the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art the lakeside restaurant features delectable seafood dishes in the French and Spanish genre.

Jean Philippe Patisserie

For decadent pastries, crepes and chocolate a visit to Jean Philippe Patisserie in the Spa Tower for these delicacies is a must. Enjoy a delightful bite of your favorite treat along with an aromatic cup of coffee or tea. These delicacies are presented with as much care as the artwork in the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art.

Café Gelato

In the Italian themed Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art no visit is complete without a sampling of gelato. Gelato is the icy treat of Italy. This wonderful treat can be delicately fruit flavored or inspired by the specialty coffees such as espresso.