Big Shot at Stratosphere

Launch yourself 160 feet in the air in less than 3 seconds! You can be soaring at velocities that even astronauts don’t experience! Where can you find this truly hair-raising adventure? Only in Vegas of course! Appropriately named the Big Shot, this ride is hard to miss as you pass by in your Las Vegas rental car, as it is located right atop the Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower.

Tower rides have become a popular attraction at theme parks across the globe, but the rides that await you at the Stratosphere Tower during your Las Vegas rental car vacation are truly an adventure that you won’t find anywhere else! Even before venturing onto any of the rides at the Tower, your journey begins at over 1000 feet in the air! If that idea doesn’t scare you, then continue onto the Big Shot where you are sure to get the thrill of a lifetime!

Think You’re A Big Shot?

This is not your ordinary ride – it’s the ultimate one! After arriving at the Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower in your Las Vegas rental car, you will have to venture through the Stratosphere’s casino to reach the elevators that will take you to your destination. Although it’s a bit of a walk to get to the elevators, its well worth it as the elevator ride is an adventure in itself! Speed is the determining factor here as the elevator shoots you up at about 3 floors per second – that’s 1800 feet per minute! Before you know it you will have arrived at the top of the Tower.

Before The Launch

Before checking out the Big Shot, take a few moments to catch the amazing views of Las Vegas from either the inside or outside the Tower’s observation decks. The revolving restaurant and lounge give you access to an eagle’s perspective of Las Vegas and its surrounding countryside. You can see for miles and miles. This is a great photo opportunity to commemorate your Las Vegas rental car vacation!

Blast Off!

Once you have been transported by the elevator to the Big Shot you will end up at the base of the ride, which is situated 921 feet above the street! Once you have reached the ride, the attendants will help strap you in. You’ll have to sit idle for a few moments as the ride loads up – an anxious few minutes for some! Within moments the compressed air that drives the ride launches your seat up the shaft over 1000 feet above Las Vegas! It only takes 2.5 seconds to reach to the top, but once there, you are momentarily paused in time as the sensation of zero gravity takes over. The ride leaves you completely exposed with your legs and arms dangling. Facing away from the tower, it’s just you, the seat, and Las Vegas! For a few moments it feels like you are actually floating freely above the earth.

After reaching the top, the ride then freefalls and rebounds two or three times before coming to a rest. The Big Shot may only last a few seconds, but the thrill and memories of it will last you a lifetime! You definitely have stories to share when you return home from your Las Vegas rental car vacation.

Want To Know More?

Here are a few fun facts about the Big Shot:

  • The maximum height of the ride is 1,081 feet
  • The biggest drop is 160 feet
  • The Big Shot travels at a speed of 45 mph
  • The entire duration of the ride is approximately 1 minute
  • A total of 16 riders can be accommodated per launch
  • Riders experience 4Gs of force

If you would like more information before checking out the Big Shot during your Las Vegas rental car trip, you can contact the Stratosphere Tower at (702) 380-7777 or (800) 99-Tower