The Boulder “Strip”

Imagine going out for a night on the town. Now imagine having that same experience, but inside the hotel you are staying at. Along the Boulder Strip in Las Vegas, there are many different hotels you can choose to stay at. The hotels come as a 2-in-1 deal though. That’s right luxury car rental customers; you can also have the chance to win big right inside your hotel. You don’t need to worry about making travel arrangements to and from your activity and you certainly don’t have to worry about getting lost on your way there. At many of these hotels along the Strip, you can enjoy a casino right inside your building! You may have the chance to win millions without even leaving your comfortable surroundings. Plan to stay along the Boulder Strip in Las Vegas on your upcoming luxury car rental vacation where you can relax and enjoy the entertainment of a lifetime, without even stepping outside.

Make Me A Millionaire

Wouldn’t you love to go back to your hometown saying that you won thousands or even millions of dollars at a casino in Las Vegas? Maybe it will be your lucky day if you choose to stay at Arizona Charlie’s hotel along the Strip. At a great affordable price, the rooms are spacious and have a bit of a southwestern theme to them. There is gorgeous furniture, internet access and a television in each room. Arizona Charlie’s is great for those of you who are a bit old-fashioned and it’s great for anyone who wants to save some extra money to play at a slot machine. The casino offers a very big gaming room, a bingo room and all the slot machines you could imagine. You can have a great meal at the restaurant in the hotel and feel free to check out the live entertainment that plays almost every night. On your next luxury car rental trip, you can also have a great buffet experience. Check out Arizona Charlie’s along the Strip.

A Peaceful Getaway

Another popular place to stay is at the Sunset Station Hotel and Casino. If you want to be away from the entire hectic goings on of the Strip, this is the place for you. The Sunset Station is a little ways away from all of the action on the Strip and the hotel has a Spanish theme to it. This beautiful hotel has 457 rooms and they each include internet access, telephones and cable television. If you love Italian food, the restaurant at the Sunset Station will blow you away. The hotel lounge offers entertainment every night and there are also concerts held in the amphi-theatre. If you are interested in some other activities besides the casino, the hotel offers a 13-screen movie complex and a bowling alley to enjoy. If you want to know about the casino, luxury car rental vacationers, it’s a big area at 110,000 square feet. There is bingo, slot machines, poker and a sports book. The Sunset Station is another great place to stay on the Boulder Strip.

Enjoy Your Options

There are so many other great hotels and casinos that you can check out on your upcoming luxury car rental trip. Only two have been mentioned but there are so many more and each is unique in its own way. Other hotels and casinos on the Strip include Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino, Boulder Station Hotel and Casino and the Fiesta Henderson Hotel. These are just a few of the many choices you have when you reach the Las Vegas Strip. Take a chance and have a great time playing the slots or enjoying the scenery without having all of the hustle and bustle of the outdoors.