Casino Legends Hall Of Fame

Found in the Tropicana, the Casino Legends Hall of Fame is a tour of the history of Las Vegas in one place. The museum is focused on the implosions, chips, artifacts, movies, and people who made Vegas what it is today from a desert village.

Just four decades ago, Vegas was little more than a two-lane highway with a few roads leading to the desert that you could drive your luxury car rental on. Over time, there have been more than 738 casinos in Vegas, and 550 of them no longer exist. The Las Vegas Sign from 1959 and views of the Flamingo from 1952 are interesting artifacts from the early years of Las Vegas.

The collection of chips found at the Casino Legends Hall of Fame is unlike any other collection in the world. Case after case displays 5000 square feet of display chips from the early days of legalized gambling, through the mob years, and to the present. Most of the chips are from casinos that are no longer open and themed chips (holidays, events, cars, airplanes, and more).

After you leave your luxury car rental and make your way through the museum, you will find information and memorabilia from the people who helped make Las Vegas what it is today. People like the Rat Pack, Benny Binion, Liberace, Seigfreid and Roy, Robert Goulet, builders, visionaries, good guys, headliners, gamblers, showgirls, and many more.

There are four different video presentations to see before you make your way back to your luxury car rental. One covers the movies that were inducted into the Casino Legends Hall of Fame, another tells the stories of many of the casinos that suffered implosions or fires over the last decade, another is about the rise and the fall of mob influences and involvement in the city, and the final one is about showgirls. What more is there to Vegas?

This exhibit will keep you busy for quite a while and you will not want to run back to your luxury car rental once you get started, so be sure to spare plenty of time for this event while you are in Vegas and is worth the $7 admission.


In a related topic, the Liberace Museum on Tropicana Avenue is also dedicated to one of the men who made Las Vegas what it is today. It was the one and only king of flamboyant showmanship: Liberace. Take a trip here with your luxury car rental before heading to the Casino Legends Hall of Fame to learn more about this figure who had such a great effect on the city. Plus, you will get to see some of his crazy costumes that they have on display.

Vegas has had more than its share of interesting characters, which you will not want to miss with your luxury car rental at the Casino Legends Hall of Fame.