CBS Television City & Research Center

Go behind the scenes of television magic during your Las Vegas trip and check out the CBS Television City and Research Center, located inside the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino!

A Pioneer In Broadcasting

In 1928, media mogul William Paley bought 16 radio stations and placing them under one company renamed them the Columbia Broadcasting Company or better known as CBS. As the concept of television grew more and more popular in American homes the company branched out into this new media. As early as 1935, CBS was concerned with marketing and research. The research department focused on audience measurement and program ratings as it also charted the performance of the advertisers products. Their interest in the effectiveness of the commercials naturally developed into CBS Television City and Research Center. Television slowly moved into the forefront of CBS’s focus. In 1931, CBS began regularly broadcasting from New York City. By December of 1931, viewers watched 7 hours of daily programming.

An Influence Of Our Time

Some of the award winning and first place audience choice programs that may be familiar to you included the soap operas: “Guiding Light” and “As The World Turn” and entertainment shows like “I Love Lucy”, “I Spy” and “Mission Impossible”. More recently, the CBS Television City and Research Center has been an influential force in the genre of reality television. In 2000, CBS developed the reality show Survivor, which continues to be a success many years later, and has been the catalyst of many other reality shows across all broadcast networks.

Have Your Say In What They Play

Ever wonder how the programs you watch are rated and chosen for our viewing pleasure? CBS Television City Research Centre looks to you for your expertise. Now you can have your chance to be a television reviewer and have some influence on the type of programs the public watches.

Park your Las Vegas rental car and pick up your complimentary tickets for CBS Television City. After a short wait of about ten minutes an usher will escort you into one of four studios set up for program viewing. There, an attendant will take about five minutes to explain how to use the test pads and monitors. Now sit back and watch the show. Hour long shows take about 45 minutes because you get to view them commercial free! Once you have completed the viewing, you will fill out a short survey, which will ask you your opinion about what you just watched. Your thoughts will be an influencing factor as to what CBS will put on the air!

Commemorate Your TV Debut

You can buy souvenirs of your television experience at the gift shop to commemorate your Las Vegas rental car trip to CBS Television City. You can also enter great contests with fabulous prizes. The main prize offered every three months is a state of the art home entertainment system.

Leo The Lion

You have met Leo the Lion before but have not realized it! Through the years, Leo the Lion has become the symbol of MGM and CBS. Now here is your chance to meet these fascinating creatures first hand before returning home to your Las Vegas rental car. Great attention is taken in the care of these regal animals. About 30 felines reside at a nearby ranch and on their performance days they are shampooed and blow-dried into fluffy majesty. With safety, the trainers drive the lions to their glassed in enclosure where they take turns appearing before the admiring crowd. The lions play and laze about. For souvenirs of the lion habitat just visit the gift shop and store your very own plush lion in your Las Vegas rental car.