City of Henderson Overview

Where in Las Vegas can you stay that is close to Las Vegas, but away from all of the noise and lights? Henderson is located five miles southeast of Las Vegas with your Henderson, Nevada car rental, and it is the second largest city in the state.

A Miracle Metal

While you are in the area with your Henderson, Nevada car rental you may learn that the township emerged in the 1940s to supply the country with a new “miracle” metal during World War II, magnesium. The Magnesium Plant supplied the US War Department with the metal for munitions and airplane parts, which would eventually help the US win the war.

The city’s future was uncertain because it was born in defense of the country, but it was incorporated in 1953. After 1947 when production of magnesium was no longer necessary, many of the employees moved away and enrollment in school was reduced by two-thirds. In fact, that year the United States War Asset Administration actually offered the city for sale as a war surplus property. The Nevada legislator made an effort to save the city and it worked: the Colorado River Commission of Nevada purchased the industrial plants and the city was saved.

Today, the city is large, but with small town values. It has greatly grown since its first years to become the second largest city in the state. There are more and more shopping malls, movie theater complexes, restaurants, and casinos moving to the area as the city grows. There is also many arts and cultural programs here, such as Shakespeare in the Park.

Where To Go With Your Henderson

While you are in Henderson with your Nevada car rental, there are many places to visit. Some of the interesting points to visit include Acacia Demonstration Gardens, Art Emporium, the Clark County Museum, Ethel M. Botanical Cactus Gardens, Ethel M Chocolate Factory, Galleria at Sunset, Green Valley Ranch, Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve and Water Reclamation Facility, Henderson Pavilion, Lake Las Vegas Resort, Sunset Station Hotel and Casino, Veteran’s Wall, and the Black Mountain Recreation Center. Henderson offers points of interest for families, outdoor enthusiasts, couples, businesspeople, and anyone else who is visiting with their Henderson, Nevada car rental.

You may also recognize the name of the area even if you have never been here. The popular TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation frequently uses the city as a backdrop for its shows, although much of the filming is done in California. The demolished theme park “Old Vegas” was also used in the classic TV series Gunsmoke. Today, the area is a housing development of the same name.

Henderson is a great place to visit with your Henderson, Nevada car rental because there are attractions for the whole family and it offers something different from Las Vegas.