City Of North Las Vegas

The City of North Las Vegas is part of the Las Vegas Metropolitan area and is known as the location for the Nellis Air Force Base. With your Nevada car rental it is easy to get to the area, which is quickly growing. There are a number of vacation, recreational, cultural, and historical activities in the area.

Look Up!

Nellis Air Force Base can be found on the northeast side of Las Vegas with your Henderson, Nevada car rental. This location is used as a major training location for US and foreign fighter aircraft pilots.

The base covers approximately 11,300 acres of land. More than half of it is undeveloped, with more area containing structures or paved ground. There are three important areas of the base: the first is the airfield and its mission support functions. The second is the munitions area, and the last is housing, a hospital, and open space for the people who live here. When you visit with your luxury car rental, you will not have access to most of these areas.

Making the trip here with your Henderson, Nevada car rental is a fun trip to Las Vegas. Every November Aviation Nation is held here, sometimes called America’s Air Show. This is the annual air show held by the United States Air Force. Since it is held at the home of the Thunderbirds, they normally perform in the show. They feature the newest aircraft, with the F-22 Raptor feature last year.

Nellis Air Force Base on the northeast part of Las Vegas gives you an opportunity with your Henderson, Nevada car rental to see what the Air Force does for the country as well as possibly taking in a great show from the ground. The Nellis Air Force Base also has a museum dedicated to the Thunderbirds.

Las Vegas has a lot to offer you when you visit with your Nevada car rental. There are casinos and gaming, museums that you may not even think exist, and many shows for families and adults.

Elvis-A-Rama – a shrine to Elvis in a city full of impersonators. The museum includes live performances by Elvis wannabes.

Liberace Museum – features some of the finest costumes, jewelry, cars, antiques, and more to show the quirkiness of some of the world’s elite.

M&M’s World – a specialty museum of rare and distinct M&M’s found in showcase mall.

Guinness World of Records Museum – right off the strip, this museum brings to life some of the strangest records in its collection.

Hollywood Movie Museum – tour the golden age of movies from the 1920s to the 1950s with a first-hand look at Hollywood from the silent film era and beyond.