Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

Flyaway is America’s first vertical wind tunnel where you can experience the feeling of skydiving without actually jumping out of a plane. Las Vegas is home to one of the franchise’s locations, making it easy to get to with your luxury car rental. You will discover new athletic skills you never knew you had before when you challenge your body with the feeling of a freefall.

The Whole Experience

Before you are able to soar through the 22-foot high column with airspeeds of up to 120 miles an hour, you must first learn about the safety basics of flying indoors. The whole experience will take about an hour an a half, if someone is dropping you off in their luxury car rental. First there is a 20 minute training session where you will learn body control techniques and safety procedures. Then you need to prepare your equipment, where you will get a suit, helmet, and other necessary equipment. Then, groups of five enter the tunnel with the instructor and take turns during a 15 minute flying session, where each flyer gets about three minutes of flying. During business hours you can stop by at any time with your luxury car rental as class run every half hour. However, it is best to arrive early to ensure you have a chance to fly.

There are also personalized coaching programs available to learn more about skydiving and learn how to control your body in flight. If you are traveling with a group in your luxury car rental, then there are also group packages that can be arranged.

Almost everyone can fly at Flyaway, if they choose to do so. For safety reasons, you must weigh more than 40 pounds and no more than 230 pounds to fly, and you should be in good physical condition with no medical problems. The feeling you experience in the tunnel is very similar to the feeling of skydiving and the skills you learn can be used for that as well.

Important Information

Flyaway is located at 200 Convention Center Drive, just off the Strip, in Las Vegas if you plan to drive your luxury car rental. For more information you can call toll free at (877) 545-8093.

The weight guidelines are (no more than):

  • Men under 6 feet: 220 pounds
  • Men over 6 feet: 230 pounds
  • Women over 6 feet: 200 pounds
  • Women between 5’6” and 5’10”: 180 pounds
  • Women under 5’6”: 160 pounds

A single flight will cost about $70 for one flight, but you can arrange a second one for the same day for only an additional $35. Or, get a book of five flights for $175. This is an experience you do not want to miss, as it is unlike any other experience you will feel in Las Vegas. Visit during your trip with your luxury car rental.