Goldwell Open Air Museum

If you think all museums are the same, think again. The Goldwell Open Air Museum in the Amargosa Desert is one of the world’s mot enigmatic institutions providing visitors with a unique look at art and artistic representations. For the casual visitor, the experience at Goldwell is simply breathtaking. Customers of Dream Luxury Car Rentals will encounter a life-size ghostly interpretation of the Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”; a 25-foot high pink woman made of cinder blocks and a 24-foot high steel prospector accompanied by a penguin. As odd as these imagines made sound, they are truly breathtaking to behold. Located in the empty expanse of the Amargosa Desert, the Goldwell Open Air Museum mixes the sublimity of nature with the sanctity of art, producing representations that are both chilling and alluring. All of the exhibits at Goldwell are intended to be experienced as a natural expression of the desert landscape, so remember to stop by with an open mind and unclouded judgment. You’re sure to be overwhelmed by this museums original display.

Originality Can Take Place Anywhere, Even In The Desert

The Goldwell Open Air Museum is a 7.8-acres outdoor sculpture display area. Located approximately 115 miles outside of Las Vegas, the museum is situated on the outskirts of the Rhyolite ghost town. Today, Rhyolite remains one of the West’s most impressive ghost towns, providing visitors with access to impressive stone ruins and the remnants of a mission style railroad. The idea for a museum began back in 1984 with the creation and installation of a major sculpture, The Last Supper, by Belgian artist Albert Szukalski. In subsequent years, three different Belgian artists added six additional pieces to the site. The artists were major figures in their homeland, but preferred creating their masterpieces in the silence of the Nevada Desert. All of the art works have a close contextual relationship with this specific environment and would find themselves out of place if moved or disrupted. A small onsite visitor center is also open some weekends September through May, providing customers of Dream Luxury Car Rentals with access to even more exhibitions that are exciting. You are welcome to visit the museum anytime, whether the visitor center is open or not.

Finding A Long Forgotten Ghost Town

The Goldwell Open Air Museum is located in Nevada near just outside of the mining town of Beatty and the ghost town of Rhyolite. Customers of Dream Luxury Car Rentals will find it approximately 4 miles west of Beatty off of State Highway 374. This is the same road you would take if traveling into Death Valley, California. Overall, the drive is about 115 miles away from Las Vegas, and covers a number of stunning desert landscapes. Before heading to the museum, Dream Luxury Car Rentals recommends visiting the mining town of Beatty for refreshments. This charming little community includes a number of visitor services, shopping, a public swimming pool and a park. If you don’t have a camera, Dream Luxury Car Rentals highly recommends picking up a disposable one during your stop in Beatty. The Goldwell Open Air Museum offers spectacular south-facing views across the Mojave Desert, a historical early 1900’s home and a varied desert terrain. Non-commercial photography is encouraged in the museum and is permitted at any time. Commercial photography, film and video recordings require permission from the property owners.

The Goldwell Open Air Museum is open 364 days a year, 24 hours a day. If you would like to learn more about the history behind the Goldwell, please feel free to log onto the institutions official website at Customers of Dream Luxury Car Rentals can also contact the museum directly by calling 1-702-870-9946. If you like what you see at the museum, please leave a donation in the donation box at the visitor center.