Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is one of the best-known parks in the United States. This void in the earth was carved out of the Colorado Plateau over the millennia, creating a breath-taking view. Once you arrive with your luxury car rental, size and the beauty will humble you. This park is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, a World Heritage Site, and a “Crown Jewel” of the National Park System. The park is mile deep and 277 miles long. There are many species of animals here. There are cougars and California condor at the top of the canyon, and rattlesnakes and Gila monsters at the bottom of the canyon.

There are 1500 species of plants here, as well as one of the best geologic cross sections in the world. The Colorado River is also very important to the area, helping to maintain the people who live here over the centuries.

Many visitors come to the South Rim of this Arizona park to see the sights. The South Rim is very popular, so making reservations for camping and lodging are necessary, and make sure you identify which rim you plan to visit. Traffic may also be a consideration when you come with you to the South Rim with your luxury car rental because there is often a lot of traffic congestion. In the winter weather is also a consideration.

Each year over five million people visit the Grand Canyon. Most see it from their luxury car rental along the South Rim because it is the most accessible part. The North Rim is also a very interesting place to visit with your luxury car rental because it is a thousand feet higher and less crowded. This is because it is harder to get to than the other side. It is 220 miles by car to get there, or you can hike 21 miles by foot across the canyon through the North and South Kaibab Trails.

Phantom Ranch

Phantom Ranch is located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon on the north side of the Colorado River, next to Bright Angel Creek. This destination is quite popular, so you will want to make sure that you confirm you accommodations and meals before you leave your hotel in your luxury car rental. This is the only place where you can find a place to stay below the canyon rim, which can make a pretty interesting story when you get home. However, only those who are able to do some physical activity should consider this trip. The Ranch can only be reached by mule, foot, or rafting down the Colorado River.

Getting Around

When visiting the Grand Canyon, there are many options for getting around. There are free shuttle buses that operate on four routes at the South Rim. There are also bus tours that take you around the park with a guide. You may also choose a mule trip, horseback riding, air tours, or a one-day float trip though the park.


Get a hold of a copy of The Guide before you come with your luxury car rental because it will give you a good idea of all the activities taking place during your visit. There are separate editions published for both of the rims. You can also get a copy from the park if you would like.