Great Basin National Park

Great Basin National Park is a refuge from the city in Nevada. Coming here with your luxury car rental will bring peace and solitude that is hard to find elsewhere. The environment here is very diverse, rising 13,063 feet into the air to the top of Wheeler Peak. The area stretches for 200,000 square miles, including most of Nevada, half of Utah, and sections of Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, and California.

One of the great attractions of Great Basin National Park is the absolute darkness that you can experience during the night from your luxury car rental. The area is one of the darkest places in the United States, giving visitors the opportunity to see stars that they may not have the chance to see at home. It also serves as an important location for resource management and restoration projects. The park is working to reintroduce native fish into the waters, turn unused roads into nature trails, and manage the native ecosystems.

Go Underground

The Lehman Caves are found within the Great Basin National Park. These are beautiful limestone caves that are decorated with stactities, stalagmites, helictities, flowstone, popcorn, and over 300 rare shield formations. These are a must-see if you make the trip here with your luxury car rental. You can only see these with caves with a guide, who will tell you about the history and geology of the caves. In the summer these tours are very popular and sell out fast. It is a good idea to purchase your tickets ahead of time before leaving in your luxury car rental.

Be Prepared For The Unknown

Great Basin National Park has an elevation range from the valley floor to 8000 feet. The weather conditions can change here quickly and it can vary at different parts of the park. Make sure you are prepared for any weather possibility by packing a variety of clothing in your luxury car rental. In the spring and summer the valley floor may be very hot, but the snow packs at the peak may not have melted yet. The area is also considered a desert. There is not much humidity in the summer, and the temperature can drop a lot at night. Also in the summer, thunderstorms are common.

Interesting Facts

There are many very interesting things to see in the area with your luxury car rental. In White Pine County there are some of the most famous ghost towns in Nevada. Hamilton was the former county seat of Pine County, while Osceola was where the largest gold nugget was found in Nevada. Cherry Creek is another popular ghost town in the area.


To get to Great Basin National Park from Las Vegas, you need to take your luxury car rental north on U.S. Highway 93 (Great Basin Highway). At the junction of U.S. Highway 6 and 50, drive east to Nevada State Highway 487 and turn south. Go 5 miles to Baker, where you will turn west on Highway 488. It is 5 miles to the park. Once at the park it is a good idea to get a map since it is such a large area. There is no public transportation to or within the park.