How To Get Comped

Many people like going to Las Vegas and gamble at their famous strip of casinos. You might lose some and win some at the tables but you are sure to win with your luxury car rental. Everyone likes to receive free thing and getting “comps” is one of the many things to enjoy. So what are they and why is it so important? Dream Car luxury car rentals will explain and try to show you how to increase your chances to get some comps to add to your pleasure during your next stay in Las Vegas.

The term “comps” is short for the word “complimentaries”, or free things that casinos will give to its patrons for playing in their casinos and to try to entice you to spend more money. Comps vary in size based on the individual player, the casino, the circumstances and luck. These comps can range from free souvenir gifts such as pen and keychain to free room upgrades to free weekend stay in a lavish suite with butler service, luxury car rental with chauffeur and free airfare to Las Vegas. The level of comps is usually given in accordance to the level of money you gamble in the casino so you would have to be quite a high roller to get that suite and airfare. This is not to say that casinos only lavish comps for the rich and famous as most casinos will provide some sort of comps for the lowest of low roller. The fact is that 75-85% of all comps go to “the little guys” so you don’t necessarily need to be a big spender but it does not hurt your image if you pull up to the casino in your luxury car rental. It is all in how you play the game.

We need to understand and remember why casinos give out comps in the first place. Their main objective is to keep you happy so you will come back and spend more money in their casino. If they don’t think you will returning, the chances are that they will be less likely to provide you with comps. Some casinos might still do it to keep you happy and to ensure their guests will not leave their casino irritated since most people choose their casinos based on recommendations and referrals from family and friends. So how do you increase your chances in getting these comps?

Image always helps and by arriving in your luxury car rental, it could increase your chance of getting noticed. It also helps by establishing a relationship with the host or hostess and asking them directly. It is important to never be embarrassed or intimated, always be nice and ask. The casino host is there to make sure you have a great time during your stay and that you will return in the future. The trick is to be nice and establish a relationship with a casino host at a particular hotel; this will get you more comps with each visit if you gamble consistently at their casino.

The casino also wants to know that you spend lots of money at their casino and the best way to do this is by allowing them to track your gaming process via a “comp card”. The key to comps is to make sure you are always rated whenever you play. This means that the casino keeps track of your average bet and the time you play. If you gamble without your “comp card”, the casino would not know how much money you are spending in their casino and how long you have been playing. Since this is a manual process, do make sure to hand over your card to the dealer when you play at the tables. You may not get anything marked if you are only playing for a few minutes, make sure you stay there long enough for them to recognize how much money you have spent. Never play at the slot machines and video poker a machine without your card, you are losing money if you do! Most casinos offer cashback or comps depending on your denomination you bet and your average playing time.

Remember that the comps are used to coax more money out of your pocket on your next visit, so if the casino host thinks you are not coming back, he will not have much incentive to help you. Don’t be greedy and enjoy your stay outside the casino in Las Vegas with your luxury car rental