Imperial Palace Auto Collection

When it comes to Las Vegas, there are several things it is known for. There is the ‘strip’ where the famous casinos are located and the nightlife with many magnificent shows. For the automobile fanatics, you are probably already cruising around town and enjoying your luxury car rental but you must go to the Imperial Palace Auto Collection. This is a gem that most people have overlooked when they come to Las Vegas. Located on the fifth level of the Imperial Palace Hotel-Casino self-parking facility, you can easily park your luxury car rental and go to the Auto Collection.

The Imperial Palace Auto Collection is one of the world’s largest classic car showcases. The collection contains close to one thousand classic automobiles of which more than three hundred cars are on a display that rotates around the hotel. They have a variety of classic cars, including racing cars, muscle cars, touring roadsters and many others. Unlike a museum, most of the vehicles on display are for sale with the price posted right beside the vehicle. The collection has been around for more than two decades but the cars on display changes every few months or so to keep the exhibit fresh.

In the grand salon, it displays the elite cars of the collection and most of the vehicles shown are one-of-a-kind. In this part of the exhibition, guests have the opportunity to get an up-close look these rare beauties. Some of the cars on display here were previously owned by various celebrities such as Johnny Carson and Nicholas Cage. There was Marilyn Monroe’s 1955, coral pink, Lincoln Capri Convertible that was customized by George Barris or a 1942 Lincoln Armored Presidential Limousine which was custom built for Franklin Roosevelt and later used by Harry Truman. As mentioned earlier, the cars on display are available for sale as well. Unfortunately, some of the price tags go as high as five million dollars. This is not to say all the cars are in the million-range as there are many other cool vintage cars such as Jackie Kennedy’s 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible can be bought at $55,000.

After the main salon was the Dusenberg room, which includes a bar and lounge area for visitors to rest their feet. In this room, it also housed the largest Model J collection in the world that is valued at over fifty million dollars. The Dusenberg cars are well-known and each car has a plague identifying the car, and in many cases, the celebrity that owned it.

On average, one car is sold each day meaning the exhibit is constantly changing and you will never see the same thing twice. With their one-of-a-kind collection, visitors to the Imperial Palace Auto Collection will see at least 50 cars they would not be able to see anywhere else in the world. The Auto Collection is a place of history where you can go back in time and help you appreciate the revolution of automobiles.

The Imperial Palace Auto Collection is not only a place for tourists but locals as well. It is opened daily from 9:30am to 9:30pm and if you plan early and plan early, you can print out a free pass coupon from the Imperial Palace website. You can drive your luxury car rental around Las Vegas to see the sights and sounds and enjoy a day of free fun at the Imperial Palace Auto Collection! Your luxury car rental may not be a classic automobile today but someday, the luxury car rental you are driving will be become one of the classics automobile of our times!