Insanity – The Ride

Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower along with Interactive Rides, Inc. has taken a simple concept of physics and stretched it to a much higher degree. The results of this collaboration resulted in what it known as Insanity – The Ride. If you like to challenge nature, gravity and yourself than this is the ride for you!

Fun & Science

Insanity – The Ride is described as an inverted centrifugal ride. Centrifugal force is defined as the tendency of an object to move away from the center as it rotates around the centerpiece. The water in your bathtub gently flows down the drain in a counter-centrifugal manner. Sounds like a fairly tame ride however, Insanity is not that tame!

How To Reach Insanity

To reach the location of Insanity, drive your Las Vegas rental car over to The Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower. Insanity has an exciting program for you to participate in, if you dare. To reach this ride you first have to survive a three floor per second ride up the elevator to the 900-foot level of the Tower. At the base of the ride you look up at the Insanity arm hanging out over the Tower edge. The ride’s arm has seating that hangs out 64 feet into space. Attendants diligently secure you into your swing like seat. Peeking over the side you realize just how lofty your perch is when you notice a Matchbox car that is really your Las Vegas rental car.

Get Ready For Pure Insanity!

Nine other thrill seekers are with you in safety seats as you spin at about 40 miles per hour. You experience the centrifugal force of 3 Gs as you spin 900 feet above Las Vegas and are flung 64 foot out into space. The astronauts experience this pressure at launch time. Furthermore the ride turns you face down over the street below as its spins faster and faster and you find yourself flung out at a 70-degree angle. This must be similar to having your Las Vegas rental car in a tornado like Dorothy did in Kansas. If you dare peek you see a panoramic 360 view of Las Vegas. At night the tail lights and headlights of your Las Vegas rental car appear like bright red and white ribbons as do the signs and lighting of the casinos a swirl of color below your dangling feet. Once you have left the thrill of this ride, your wobbly legs insist that you sit down for a moment. You are sure to find this ride an extreme adventure.

Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower

The Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower features the tallest observation deck on a freestanding structure in the USA at 1,149 feet. To reach the 900-foot level observation deck you take a speedy elevator ride. The accommodations in the hotel proper are sumptuous and numerous at over 2,400 rooms and suites. Leaving the airport in your Las Vegas rental car you need to drive the length of the Strip to its northern end to reach the Stratosphere. It has constructed on the Tower several thrill giving, heart stopping daredevil rides to attract and challenge you. Tamer entertainment awaits you in the lounges and casino.

Be A Winner

The Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower has a over 80,000 square feet of gaming waiting to entice you. Leave your Las Vegas rental car with the valet. You enter into the wonder world of chance. Here you have great odds of being a successful gambler. Get your tokens ready for the slots. It is so much fun to have the bells go off, sirens scream, lights flash, and tokens tumbling joyfully into the trough. You are a winner!
You may want to try your hand at Blackjack so buy some chips and place your bet. Remember to check the House rules for staying and hitting. Enjoy your complimentary drinks because plotting strategy is thirsty work.