Las Vegas Biker Culture

Freedom – the wind in your hair and the road at your feet. If you love the open road more than your grandmother, chances are you’re part of America’s growing Biker Culture. These road warriors include a wide variety of motorcycle enthusiasts addicted to the nation’s roadways. Nevada’s Biker Culture combines the old with the new, providing motorcycle fanatics with a variety of open roads and endless rides. Whether you’re a die hard bad-ass or an urban speed freak, Las Vegas is the place for you, so get ready for non-stop fun! The Las Vegas biker scene is by far one of the best in the nation, so don’t be afraid to hop on your upcoming motorcycle rental and cruise the town! The city’s Biker Culture is hotter than ever right now thanks to a variety of festivals, bars and events, so go ahead and reserve a motorcycle rental from Dream Car tonight. There’s no better way to see Las Vegas then on the seat of a hog, so don’t delay – reserve your ride today!

Las Vegas Biker Bars

Nothing completes a day of motorcycle tripping like an ice cold brew, so be sure to stop in at one of these stellar Las Vegas Biker Bars!

  1. The Clubhouse Tavern – 4001 Las Vegas Boulevard
    Founded as the headquarters for the Las Vegas Chapter of the Pirates motorcycle club, the Clubhouse Tavern isn’t for everyone. Rough and tough, this late night club polices itself, providing visitors with plenty of uncensored excitement. Dream Car Rentals recommends this bar to the true die hard bikers and warns customers to keep an eye out for sketchy activity. The perfect bar for old timers, the Clubhouse Tavern is conveniently located along the Strip.
  2. Shifty’s Cocktail Lounge – 3805 West Sahara
    Located near the Golden Coast, Shifty’d Cocktail Lounge is a local biker favorite, so be sure to stop by in your upcoming motorcycle rental. Live music and cold drinks are a staple of this dive bar, providing visitors with a great place to catch up. Known as a wonderful blues bar, Shifty’s Cocktail Lounge is suitable for a variety of Las Vegas bikers, but be in the lookout for spontaneous fist fights.
  3. The Odyssey Lounge – 1930 Freemont Street
    During the day Freemont Street is filled with tourists and families, but once night falls it becomes the center of the cities biker activity. The Odyssey Lounge is a local hangout for some of the areas most prominent bikers so be on the lookout for rival groups and impending violence. Last years murder of graveyard bartender Thimios “Terry” Petropoulos adds to the bars menace, so be sure to watch your step when drinking here.

About Biker Culture

The Biker Culture of Las Vegas is a complex organism in itself, difficult to explain to an outside visitor. Although most people believe bikers to be fueled by violence, this isn’t always the case. In fact, less than 2% of the Las Vegas Biker Culture is comprised of hard core bikers. Easy to spot, these bikers hold true to the stereotype sporting long beards and menacing stares. Stay out of their way and you’ll be fine. Other members of the Las Vegas Biker Culture include Weekend Warriors (working Joes who bring out their bikes for weekend tripping), and Rubbies (also known as Rich Urban Bikers, famous for their foreign bikes and mainstream views). Most bikers in Las Vegas fall into the final category of Freedom Lovers. These bikers are in for the ride; the feeling of rough pavement and the smell of desert wind. Motorcycle rental visitors shouldn’t have any trouble fitting into the Las Vegas Biker Culture as long as they keep eyes open and their wits ready; anything can (and does) happen in Vegas, so expect the unexpected during your upcoming Vegas vacation.