Las Vegas Casinos

Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and more! Las Vegas is one the Casino capitals of the world! There are over 50 casinos located in the City of Sin, as Las Vegas is so commonly called, ranging from one to five star establishments. Many of these establishments are combined with hotels to form multi-million dollar corporations devoted to giving visitors the best time as possible. Driving through Las Vegas in your exotic rental car for the first time is definitely an experience you will never forget; starting with the massive welcome to Las Vegas sign and continuing with the never ending glittering grand marquis. Read on to learn about the different casino areas located throughout Las Vegas, and to learn about some of the cool things available in the Forbidden City.

Casino Districts

The casinos in Las Vegas can be divided into three rough districts. The Strip (a.k.a. Las Vegas Blvd.) home to most glamorous casinos in the city; Near the Strip: the casino’s located in the area around Las Vegas Blvd.; and the Downtown area. These areas are all easily accessible with a short drive in your exotic rental car.

The Strip

By far the most popular Casino district in Las Vegas, the Strip is the place where all the action happens! Over 30 of Las Vegas’ hotel resort casinos are located on the Strip offering up some of the best entertainment available on the planet. All forms of gambling are available here from card games, dice games and slots to race and sports book betting.

These casinos also offer unlimited entertainment from Celine Dion at Caesar’s Palace to David Copperfield at the MGM Hollywood Theater. World-class restaurants are also located within these majestic buildings so make sure to cruise down the Strip in your exotic rental car, you never know what, or who you may see!

The Las Vegas Casino experience is so much more than placing a few bets. Sin City is dedicated to making you forget the blasé everyday. From the beautiful show girls to the extravagant themed penthouse rooms, Las Vegas Casino’s are all about making your fantasy a reality. All that glamour doesn’t come cheap though. If you’re willing to pull out all the stops and stay in one of the breathtaking suites at the MGM Grand or the Four Seasons Hotel you’re looking at spending upwards of $1000 a night!

But it is worth every penny! For those of you traveling on a budget, most Casino hotels in Las Vegas and resorts offer rooms at approximately $80 per night. If you’re one of the VIP visitors heading to Vegas this year, prepare to be pampered! Casinos are willing to do everything to ensure your business, from parking your exotic rental car to providing you with a private blackjack table on the floor!

Las Vegas Casinos Include:

  • Aladdin
  • Boardwalk
  • Bellagio
  • Excalibur
  • Flamingo
  • The Golden Nugget
  • Hard Rock Hotel Casino
  • MGM Grand
  • Mirage
  • Palms
  • Rio
  • Riviera


Gaming Facts From 2004

  • 87% of the people who visit Las Vegas say that gambled in one of the Casinos during their stay
  • Race and Sports betting in Las Vegas tops $2 million dollars each year, including tens of millions wagered on the Super Bowl and other championship games
  • Some Las Vegas casinos treat their guests to free drinks, plush seating and buffets when watching athletic events on their giant, satellite-fed screens
  • The average visitor will spend 3.9 hours gambling per day in Las Vegas
  • The 2003 average gambling budget was approximately $480 per trip per visitor
  • Las Vegas Casinos account for $6.1 billion of the 7.8 billion gaming revenue in Clark County