Las Vegas Natural Museum

Imagine yourself swimming through a cold, dark ocean. Strange sea creatures and fish continually brush up against your feet and hands. As you step out onto the sandy beach you notice a strange arrangement of birds, rodents and yes, even dinosaurs! Where are you? You’re in the ancient seas of Las Vegas! Las Vegas rental car customers crossing the deserts of Nevada may be amazed to learn that they are actually traveling across what was once an ancient sea bed, home to thousands of exotic prehistoric plants and animals! Don’t believe it? Then check out the Las Vegas Natural History Museum during your upcoming Las Vegas rental car vacation for verification! This fun and educational facility is home to hundreds of exotic exhibits all of which are dedicated to the areas intricate past. Home to more than half a dozen exhibits, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum features wall-to-wall excitement for travelers of all ages, so why wait?! Don’t miss your chance to swim the ancient seas of Nevada during your upcoming Las Vegas rental car vacation!

Take A Step Back In Time

From the moment you enter the Las Vegas Natural History Museum it’s easy to see why so many people sing its praises. From ancient fossils to modern mammals, the Las Vegas Natural history Museum chronicles millions of years of history – and it’s all under one roof! Exhibits inside the Natural History Museum include everything from the Marine Life Gallery to the Snake Pit, providing travelers of all ages with an exciting glimpse into the city’s natural past. Visitors to the museum experience just about anything inside this first-class facility, including feeling the jagged edge of a great white shark tooth! But if you want to see the museum’s crowning feature, be sure to head straight to the dinosaur collection. The Las Vegas landscape has provided paleontologists with plenty of exciting dinosaur finds over the past few decades, many of which are showcased inside the Natural History Museum’s expansive prehistoric display. Interesting artifacts in this section of the museum include an extraordinary display of phobosuchus, also known as the “terrible crocodile”, a lifelike depiction of a tyrannosaurus rex engaged in battle with a triceratops and a collection of fossilized dinosaur tracks which were found in St. George, Utah.

Who Said You Can Never Go Back?

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum proves that modern day travelers can go back in time thanks to their outstanding array of first-class fossils and outstanding artifacts. Time traveling Las Vegas rental car customers are especially encouraged to visit the museum’s fascinating “lizard fish” exhibit. A specific type of ichthyosaur, the shonisaurus popularis was named Nevada’s official fossil in 1999. It has been found on ever continent in the world, except for Antarctica. Another museum section also features a detailed display of prehistoric sharks as well as numerous species of long extinct whales.

Try Your Hand At Science

Young scientist can also try their hand at deciphering the city’s local landscape, participating in numerous hands-on activities. Las Vegas rental car travelers can also explore the museum’s collection of indigenous animal life inside the Wild Nevada Gallery before stopping in at the Nevada mining exhibit. The Las Vegas Natural history Museum also features a small outdoor patio overlooking the Old Mormon Fort. Travelers are also encouraged to stop in at the museum gift shop before heading back to their Sin City hotel.

If you would like to dive deep into the city’s natural history during your upcoming Las Vegas rental car vacation, remember to take a drive out to this exciting “natural” attraction. Admission to the museum is just $7 for adults, $6 for seniors and students over 12 and $3 for children 3-11. The museum is open daily from 9am to 4pm. It is located just minutes from the central Strip area at the corner of Washington Avenue just next to Cashman Field.