Las Vegas Tours

Las Vegas is bursting with wonderful attractions; casinos, golf courses, restaurants – but that is just the beginning! Las Vegas is also located close to some of today’s modern wonders of the world, like the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead! These wonderful tourist attractions make for great day tours, so fuel up that Las Vegas car rental and get ready to roll! All of these awe-inspiring attractions are easily accessible in your Las Vegas car rental and are well worth the drive, so make sure to schedule time for one or two into your Vegas vacation itinerary. If you’re tired of driving your Las Vegas car rental there are plenty of touring companies based in Sin City that offer bus, boat and even helicopter tours of the local attractions. Some companies even offer horseback tours or the Nevada wilderness, providing visitors with a completely different perspective of Nevada. Dream Car Rentals highly recommends that you take part in one or two… if not all of these wonderful tours! There’s much more to Las Vegas than the glitz and glam of casino marquees, so don’t miss out on your chance to see the other side of Sin City!

Top Las Vegas Tour Options

Grand Canyon Tours

The Grand Canyon is simply a must-see for anyone planning a vacation to Las Vegas. Whether you wish to embark on a self guided tour in your Las Vegas car rental, or leave it up to the professionals, you’re sure to have an amazing time. Popular ways to experience the grand canyon include aerial fly-overs, traditional motorcoach tours and guided hiking tours. If you’re thinking about skipping the tour company and guiding yourself through the grand canyon it is important to remember these safety precautions:

  1. Stay on the trails and away from the rim or cliff edges
  2. All vehicles, including Las Vegas car rentals and mountain bikes are restricted to paved roads
  3. It is illegal to feed any wild animal in the park
  4. Stay away from the Canyons rim during and electrical storm

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is one of man’s greatest accomplishments, as thousands of workers toiled day and night to complete this massive wonder. The Damn was constructed so that people could immigrate to the low lying plains of Nevada without having to worry about flooding and drought from the Colorado River. Today the Hoover Dam is a symbol of perseverance and determination; an icon of man’s desire to harness the power of nature. Many companies offer helicopter tours of the Hoover Dam, while guided tours are always available. Just remember to pack a camera in your Las Vegas car rental before leaving your hotel room – you will definitely want to document this trip!

Lake Mead Tours

Lake Mead is one of the area’s most beloved waterway getaways, so don’t miss out on your chance to see what all the excitement is about! Lake Mead offers great fishing tours and scenic paddleboat experiences, along with wonderful beaches and great surrounding hiking trails. The Lake Mead National Recreation Area offers 1.5 million acres of protected park land open year round for your enjoyment. So whether you’re interested in touring the lake, or exploring the surrounding natural beauty, you’ll be able to find something perfect when you travel to Lake Mead!

It would be impossible to write a breakdown for every available Las Vegas tour, but the above listed three are by far the most popular.

Other fantastic Vegas Tours include:

  • Red Rock Canyon
  • Monument Valley
  • Yosemite Valley Tours
  • Colorado River Rafting Tours
  • Tandem Skydiving Tours
  • Las Vegas City Neon Lights Tours
  • And much, much more!