Lied Discovery Childrens Museum

Lied Discovery Children’s Museum is an interactive children’s museum for kids of all ages. Found on Las Vegas Boulevard North, it is easy to get here with your luxury car rental. During the summer, the museum is open seven days a week, but it is closed Mondays during the school year. It is open from 10:00AM until 5:00PM. The summer is a great time to discover all there is to learn here, but there are always special exhibits throughout the rest of the year to explore once you leave your luxury car rental.

The Lied Discovery Children’s Museum opened in 1990, and has been educating kids with new and innovative methods ever since. It has become an important community resource for families in the area since it opened, and they welcome visitors with their luxury car rental to explore as well. There are hands-on exhibits in the arts, sciences and humanities. There is also a Traveling Exhibition Gallery, and Early Childhood Pavilion, and an eight-story Science Tower.


Once you arrive at the museum with your luxury car rental, there is almost an overwhelming number of exhibitions and things to learn about. Some of the most popular demonstrations (they take place at 11 AM, 12:30 PM, 2 PM, and 3:30 PM) that take place are listed below:

  • Stuffee – learn about the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems
  • Stuffee at the Pool – learn how to avoid the dangers of outdoor fun, including rules about the pool and skin safety tips.
  • Hot Air Balloon – learn how buoyancy, temperature changes, and mass play a role in helping hot air balloons fly around the world.
  • KKID Radio – sing your favorite songs and learn how radio communications work.
  • Video Microphone – learn about what goes on behind your eyes.
  • Static Electricity Demo – discover what happens with static electricity with a Van de Graff machine.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Demo – what temperature does a rose have to freeze at to become as hard as a hammer? You can find out here.

If you are heading down with younger children in your luxury car rental then there are special programs for children under 5. There are always creative explorative and creative workshops for tots and their parents. There is also Desert Discovery, a hands-on, interactive learning environment. There is Boulder Mountain, where kids wear hard hats and vests to “mine” the boulders into geometric shapes. Then you can send you boulders up to Cactus Construction for use as building materials to construct items. Next, there is Desert in the Dark, where you can find out where living things go at night as you explore the desert when it gets dark.

By the time you go home in your luxury car rental you will have learned a lot and also had fun.