Lost City Museum Of Archeology

Past the lights of Las Vegas and the landscapes of the Mojave, there lies a lost city. Officially known as Pueblo Grande de Nevada, this city has long been forgotten. Until now that is. The Lost City of Nevada was once a prosperous series of homes located along the Muddy and Virgin River Valleys of Southern Nevada. Occupied by the Virgin branch of the Anasazi Indians sometime after the first century A.D., the Lost City of Nevada has played an important part in the area’s original history. Later generations of the Puebloans resettled the Lost City between 700 to 1150 A.D., creating what would later become one of the richest archeological sites in Nevada. Customers of Dream Luxury Car Rentals are encouraged to visit the Lost City Museum of Archeology, as it will help provide visitors with an in depth history of the area. Remnants of everything from jewelry to tools can be found catalogued and displayed inside the Lost City Museum of Archeology, so don’t miss your chance to check it out. Finding the Lost City of Nevada is easier than you think, so go ahead – embark on an archeological adventure during your upcoming Dream Car Rentals vacation.

Lost & Found: A Museum Dedicated To Nevada Archeology

The Lost City Museum was built by the National Park Service in order to exhibit artifacts excavated from the Pueblo Grande De Nevada. These excavation sites, which were threatened by the construction of the Hoover Dam, contained priceless information on the development of civilization in the Nevada desert. Eventually, when the lake was filled to capacity, more than five miles of the original site was buried beneath the water. Thankfully, the sites were fully explored before this happened. A building was later constructed, with the help of the Civilian Conservation Corps, in order to display the excavations findings. The building is made from sun-dried adobe brick and is reminiscent of the Pueblo-revival style. Currently owned and operated by the State of Nevada, the Lost City Museum is one of six state run museums. Customers of Dream Car Rentals will enjoy a number of programs inside the museum including changing exhibits and collections. The Museum is also home to a number of ongoing research programs as well as an archival library.

The Lost City Lives On

The Lost City Museum of Archeology proudly provides visitors with a number of exciting exhibits and programs. Consisting of three separate wings, the Museum offers customers of Dream Luxury Car Rentals a comprehensive look at Anasazi history. Self-guided tours should begin in the Lost City Museum’s original wing, as it contains the original collection of artifacts and Anasazi items. From there, customers of Dream Luxury Car Rentals will see the 1973 wing, which includes early man, archaic and Paiute exhibits. Geological elements are also considered in this section, as well as important Nevada historical happens. The final section of the museum, which was made possible through the financial support of Faye Perkin, contains an actually archeological site. The archeological site includes an actual Pueblo foundation that was excavated by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1935. Features have been reconstructed in order to depict the different excavation sequences. A gift shop is also located in this area of the museum, so be sure to stop in for a souvenir.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Nevada and the area’s early settlers, the Lost City Museum of Archeology is a great place to start. The Lost City Museum of Archeology is open daily from 8:30am to 4:30pm. It is located at 721 South Moapa Valley Boulevard. Customers of Dream Luxury Car Rentals are encouraged to contact the museum by phone for more details at 1-702-397-2193. The Lost City Museum of Archeology was established in 1935.