If you’re looking to get swept away by the riches of ancient Egypt, than you need to book a room and the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! This captivating resort has something for everyone, from over the top extravagance to the more low-key, Luxor is an unparalleled travel destination. Located at 3900 Las Vegas Blvd. this upscale hotel and casino offers over 5,000 rooms and over 110,000 square feet of casino gaming floor! The Luxor has everything you need to make your Las Vegas vacation memorable, from exotic car rental valet parking to spiffy shoe shining services. A trip to the Luxor is like a trip back in time, so pack your bags and get ready to lavish in the riches of the Nile!

The Luxor has become an unmistakable icon on the Strip, from its distinctive Egyptian pyramid design to the giant Sphinx that guards the entry way… there just isn’t anything else like it in Vegas. The Luxor is the second largest hotel in Vegas and boasts a spotlight that is the brightest beam on the planet! Nothing is “just average” at the Luxor, including the elevators! Guest rooms in the pyramid shaped hotel are reached by “Inclinators”. These state of the art elevators travel at a 39 degree angle, corresponding to the architectural slant of the building!

Choosing what type of room to stay in at the Luxor is like trying to choose an exotic car rental; they’re all amazing! Whether you decide on a Pyramid Room, which offers fabulous views and meticulous attention to design detail; a Tower Room, decorated to the taste of royalty; or a Spa Suite, which features exquisite Egyptian accents along with a full size bath complete with whirlpool tub! The Luxor also offers Jr. One Bedroom Suites which separate a living area from the bedroom quarters and include a king sized bed, a wet bar and a tub with spa jets.

Dining at Luxor is another experience you’ll never forget! The restaurants located in the Luxor follow the lavish Egyptian theme. Just saying names like the Nile Deli, the Pharaoh’s Pheast Buffet and the Sacred Sea Room can cause your mouth to water in anticipation, stirring up an ancient hunger!

Entertainment at the Luxor is first rate, from the King Tut Museum to the IMAX theater experience and the amazing Blue Man Group show. Taking a vacation to the Luxor hotel is like vacationing in an ancient paradise where the fun never ends and the adrenaline is always flowing! Visiting other casinos in your exotic car rental won’t be able to top the splendor found at Luxor! Just like the ancient pyramids of Egypt, Luxor is home to some of Las Vegas’s most ravaging riches, so leave your exotic car rental with the valet and discover the fortunes hidden inside Las Vegas’s very own pyramid! With a gaming area as wide s the Nile you’re bound to find something that will spark your interest!

Whether it be slots, Craps, Roulette, Keno or the ever popular hand of Poker, Luxor has it all! If you’re interested in making sports wagers be sure to visit the Luxor’s extensive race and sports book that is fit for a pharaoh! Here you will find 17 giant-screen televisions and 128 individual monitors following every sport imaginable!

If you’re planning on getting married during your stay in Las Vegas why not do it in lavish Egyptian style at the Luxor Wedding Chapel! The Luxor Wedding Chapel offers a truly remarkable setting for a ceremony, whether you’re planning a grand occasion or an intimate gathering. The chapel is full service and offers music, photography, and videographing creating a breathtaking atmosphere for your big day! The Luxor also offers beautiful banwuet facilities and superior restaurants perfect for receptions! And don’t forget about Luxor’s world-class spa and beauty shop, which are perfect for a little pre-nuptial pampering!