Magic Shows

Do you believe in magic? ‘Cause Las Vegas does! From David Copperfield to the Amazing Johnathan; Vegas is sure to mystify you with many unbelievable stunts and tricks. Most of these world-famous magic shows make there home on The Strip, so hop in your exotic rental car get ready to be amazed!

Lance Burton

The Lance Burton show is a magic show for every age! Whether your 12 or 52 his magical touch and breathtaking showmanship are sure to entertain! Lance Burton along with his “six-pack” of lady assistants perform an array of magic tricks including numerous stunts involving doves. Children enjoy his mysterious duck multiplying “dinner” while everyone loves Lance’s disappear acts! Lance Burton has many years of experience performing magic, so don’t think you’ll be able to figure out his intricate tricks! Lance’s show is performed at the Monte Carlo on Las Vegas Blvd. and tickets start at only $66.50. To make your reservation call 702-992-7979, or cruise over to the Monte Carlo in your exotic rental car!

David Copperfield

By far one of the most famous magicians, David Copperfield is a true man of mystery! This master of perception is sure to knock your socks off with tricks like his amazing “baby conception” and you’ll want more after witnessing his death defying “steel slab” illusion! Copperfield’s personality is absolutely riveting throughout his magic shows, which helps to put his audiences at ease. Plus Copperfield chooses all of his volunteers randomly by throwing frisbee’s, huge balls and tiny spheres into the audience, proving that his illusions are not pre-choreographed with in-audience plants. Children 5 and over are allowed to witness this show and there is no nudity. The MGM Hollywood Theatre is home to David Copperfield’s magic show, and reservations are strongly advised. Tickets start at $79.00 and most major credit cards are accepted.

Penn and Teller

The spectacular duo of Penn and Teller has been wowing crowds together for over thirty years. These two “Bad Boys of Magic” combine comedy and magic to both confuse and amuse their audiences. One of the best things about the pair is their comfortably casual air n stage – even when they are juggling fire torches and cut broken bottles! The two men work as perfect foils to each other, with Teller being the silent type, and Penn being the rambunctious talker. This show is by far one of the best in Vegas, so be sure to drop by in your exotic rental car. The show is held at the Samba Theatre in the Rio. Reservations are suggested since shows fill up quick!

The Amazing Johnathan

If you’re looking to laugh tonight, the Amazing Johnathan show is the place for you to be! This politically incorrect character has been called the “Freddy Krueger of Comedy” creating memorable punch-lines perfect for using the next time you meet with friends! Beware of sitting in the front seats! Sitting near the stage may put you at risk for becoming the butt of Johnathan’s humor! The magic of the Amazing Johnathan can leave a little bit to be desired though! One of his favorite tricks involves taking a $20 bill fro ma member of the audience and ripping it. He then attempts to put it back together… unsuccessfully! Johnathan’s assistant is Psychic Tanya, a woman who is constantly taking abuse and getting hurt… to the delight of the audience! The Amazing Johnathan show is for mature adults only and some of the content can be taken offensively. But for those of you with thick skin the Amazing Johnathan show is a bundle of laughs and a fun filled evening. For more information on the show take a drive in your exotic rental car to the Riviera Hotel and Casino on Las Vegas Blvd. The show is approximately 90 minutes long and tickets start at just $54.95.