Meadows Mall

The Meadows Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada is the perfect place for people who love to shop. It has a large variety of stores with all of your everyday needs. There are also some great restaurants for you to sit down and enjoy a bite to eat. Meadows Mall is a favorite among the locals and is well-known to people around the world. If you aren’t that much into shopping, the mall is still a great place for you. There are different activities throughout the mall and it’s perfect for browsing. Why not get your exercise during the day and take a stroll down the aisles of the mall with family and friends? If you feel like a little private time, it’s great to walk along with the music overhead and you can enjoy the relaxing experience for yourself. On your upcoming luxury car rental vacation, the Meadows Mall is a great place to check out. The mall is about 10 miles from the center of the Strip and it offers valet parking. Meadows Mall is open Monday-Saturday from 10:00 am-9:00 pm and Sundays from 10:00 am-6:00 pm. Come to the mall on your luxury car rental trip for a productive day of shopping and exercise.

Shop Till You Drop

The Meadows Mall has everything you need all in one place. It has clothing stores such as American Eagle, Hollister Co., Lane Bryant and so much more. There are also a variety of sporting stores like Foot Locker and Lady Foot Locker. There are jewelry stores, food stores and shoe stores. For women who love to pamper themselves, the mall has The Med Spa, Nail Trix and Bath and Body Works. If you have children, know children or love to shop for children, there are many toy stores throughout the mall that kids could get lost in for days. Is there an upcoming event that requires card shopping, luxury car rental customers? Meadows Mall has a Carlton Cards and a Hallmark to help you out with this task. There is also a hair salon, glasses shops, sunglasses shops and a pet store. Do you need to buy your dog a new toy? Maybe you are looking at investing in a gold fish. Meadows Pets has everything you need to get you started with that. The mall also features extra department stores like JC Penney, Sears, Macy’s and Dillard’s. If you like what you see on your upcoming luxury car rental vacation, purchase a mall gift card so that someone else can have the wonderful experience you had at Meadows Mall.

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

If you are getting hungry on your long day’s adventure, there are many different places you can sit down and eat at. The food court at the mall has places like McDonald’s, Villa Pizza, Best Burger, Manchu Wok and Schlotzsky’s Deli. After a great meal, why not have a little dessert to top it off? You can go to Dairy Queen, the Pretzelmaker, Ethel M. Chocolates, See’s Candies or The Great American Cookie Company. With all of these choices, who wouldn’t love Meadows Mall? If you are exploring the mall with your kids, they may get a little bit restless. Not to worry because you can take them to the Healthy Living Play Area. This play area is located in Macy’s Court and is 1,640 square feet of fun. There is a variety of toys such as building blocks and slides. Adult seating is available so you, too, can have a little rest. There is also stroller parking and cubbyholes for shoes so they don’t get lost. There is so much to see and do at the mall, so check it out on your next luxury car rental vacation.