Money and Tipping

You are on vacation and want to have a fun and relaxing time. But what’s better than being catered to and well-taken care of? Las Vegas is a service-based city, so tipping is a big deal. There is the bellhop, the cab driver and the valet; then there’s the waiter, bartender and room service people; they all expect a tip from you. Whether it is for parking your luxury car rental or mixing your favourite cocktail, they all want a piece of your vacation fund. In certain cases, doing it well can ensure you will be well looked after. So how much exactly are you supposed to give? Is it suitable to give a few dollars or is it mandatory to pay the full 10% – 15%? Tipping is a matter of individual preference and budget but Dream Car luxury car rental will provide a tipping guideline to make it easier for you.

Valet & Parking Attendants

Valet services are often offered at high scale restaurants and hotels. Their job consists of parking your luxury car rental upon your arrival and returning it to you upon your departure. It is generally customary to tip the attendants a few dollars; ranging from $2 and on up, depending on the service you received such as how polite your valet is or how promptly he fetches your luxury car rental. Be sure to always do a thorough walk-around of your luxury car rental before tipping your attendant.

Taxi Drivers

If you are planning on taking a cab instead of cruising in your luxury car rental, be sure to know that the tipping culture for your taxi ride. They tend to drive to your destination rather speedily, help you with your bags and perhaps some chit-chat along the ride. Giving a tip of 15% of your total fare is the normally acceptable amount but if you feel the ride was unsafe or the driver was unpleasant, do not feel obligated to give a tip. If they were friendly and helpful, it is always nice to slip in a couple bucks extra. Do note that some cab drivers refuse to give change for a fare if it is under $5, so be sure to keep that in mind before you pay.

Hotel Staff & Housekeeping

For the bellhop, it is pretty common to tip $1-2 per bag when they deliver them up to room. If you are staying at a four-star hotel, you may want to consider $2-3 per bag. Checking in at the front desk and you are looking for a room upgrade? Be ready to tip in the range of $10 and up, depending on the available and how helpful they were.

People go on vacation to get away from the mundane daily routines such as cleaning and tidying up. So for the staff that cleans up after you, it is always appreciated with a tip. Normally leaving $2 -$3 as gratitude can make a difference in the service you will receive. This is up to your discretion and if you are not satisfied by the cleanliness of your room, don’t feel obligated to leave a tip.

Bartenders, Waiters, & Waitresses

It is customary to leave a tip amount between 15% – 20% of your bill to waiters and waitresses. Many people like to tip more than that to 20%+ if they are in a higher scale restaurant or for exceptional quality service and likeability of their server. If you are paying by credit, be sure to write clearly on the receipt on the line reserved for your tip amount. For bartenders and cocktail waitresses, it depends on your budget or preferences but $1 per drink is deemed as standard.

All of the above is just a guideline; the best tipping advice is to use your best judgment.