Motorcycle Rentals Overview

Nothing beats the feeling of fine-tuned steel, so go ahead and indulge during your upcoming Las Vegas vacation – reserve a Sin City motorcycle rental from Dream Car Rentals! These muscle bound machines are sleek and oh, so sexy, so what are you waiting for!? Motorcycles are back and better than ever, providing visitors with an exciting alternative to gas guzzling SUV’s and clunky sedans. Ultra-smooth and undeniably attractive, the Las Vegas motorcycle rentals now available at Dream Car Rental are sure to book up fast, so don’t delay reserving yours today! From Custom Choppers to legendary Harley Davidson’s, Dream Car Rentals has the bike that’s perfect for you, so go ahead and treat yourself to an extra dose of daring during your upcoming Las Vegas vacation!

What To Expect With Dream Car’s Motorcycle Rentals

Dream Car Rentals is ready and waiting to fulfill your every fantasy, so come on in and enjoy the ride! The Las Vegas motorcycle rentals now available at Dream Car are sure to impress even the stiffest of critics, providing passenger with a silky smooth ride and stellar performance. Tough and durable, these bikes are designed for optimum performance, providing riders with the ultimate driving experience. Nothing can top the freedom of a Las Vegas motorcycle rental, so go ahead and savor the wind in your hair! Sleek and sophisticated, the Las Vegas motorcycle rentals now available at Dream Car are sure to provide hours of enjoyment during your upcoming vacations, so go ahead and book yours today! Whether you’re planning on riding solo or with a group of friends, a motorcycle rental from Dream Car Rental’s is sure to satisfy all of your cruising criteria!

What To Wear When Driving Your Motorcycle Rental

It is important to suit up properly before hitting the road in your upcoming Las Vegas motorcycle rental. Dream Car Rental’s encourages you to wear the following items as clothing as they provide both comfort and protection while on the road:

  1. A Helmet – Dream Car Rentals encourages you to wear a helmet when driving your upcoming Las Vegas motorcycle rental throughout the city. All helmets should be approved by DOT (the Federal Government’s Department of Transportation), protecting both your cranium and face via a visor. Dream Car Rental encourages you to select a helmet that also provides chin and jaw protection, thanks to Styrofoam enforced guards and shields. When selecting a helmet it is important to make sure that you choose one which fits your head tightly – a good way to test this is by putting your hand inside the helmet when trying it on. If you can fit more than one finger in between your head and the helmet, the helmet is too large.
  2. Boots – Proper footwear is extremely important when riding a motorcycle, especially on the sandy streets of Las Vegas. Boots provide added traction when stopping and starting your Las Vegas motorcycle rental, while at the same time providing a sturdy base for getting on and off your vehicle. When looking for boots pay attention to the footwear’s sole and toe area. The best boats for motorcycling have thick soles and reinforced steel toes.
  3. Gloves – Gloves are an important part of any motorcycle entourage as they proved protection against the elements as well as added grip.

Enjoying Your Las Vegas Motorcycle To The Fullest

In order to enjoy your upcoming Las Vegas motorcycle rental to the fullest, Dream Car encourages you to:

  1. Get acquainted with safety suggestions and road rules. If you have any questions concerning the safety of your Las Vegas motorcycle rental please feel free to ask a Dream Car Rental Representative for guidance.
  2. Drive with caution while getting used to your rental. Not all bikes ride the same so it is important to familiarize yourself with the feel of your Las Vegas motorcycle rental. Once you’ve mastered the vehicles control feel free to let loose and let ‘er rip (within the speed limit of course)!