Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is just under an hour from the bright lights of Las Vegas with your luxury car rental. This is a relaxing trip from the big city and a chance for you to get some clean air, spectacular views, and a little peace and quiet. Mount Charleston stretches to an elevation of 11,918 feet and it is the centerpiece of the Spring Mountain National Recreation Area.

In the summer, Mount Charleston becomes a refuge from the heat for many people who live in the city since it is usually 20-30 degrees cooler than in the city. This is a great place to escape with your luxury car rental. It is also very easy to get to. You take your luxury car rental north on State Highway 95 to Highway 157, which is the Mount Charleston cutoff.

People who enjoy the outdoors like to hike and camp in the nature preserve, while there is skiing in the winter at the top of the mountain. The visitor’s center is open from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm during their visiting season. The various picnic grounds offer a beautiful view of southern Nevada while you enjoy your lunch, or there are many campgrounds to spend the night at.

Away From The Bright Lights

Once you get you get away from Las Vegas with your luxury car rental. Just an hour away are the multi-colored rock escarpments of the Red Rock Canyon, the sandstone of the Valley of Fire, the water of Lake Mead, and the lush vegetation of Mount Charleston.

If you visit Red Rock Canyon, you don’t even need to step out of your car if you don’t want to. Instead you can drive your luxury car rental around the 13-mile scenic route to see the mountains, canyons, waterfalls, and desert flora and fauna.

The Valley of Fire is one of the greatest sites to visit with your luxury car rental while in Nevada. This was the first state park in Nevada because of its immense beauty. The sandstone rocks here have such a wide variety of color – from red to purple to yellow – and they have been eroded for thousands of years by the wind, sand, and weather. In this harsh climate, it will be hard to imagine the ancient people that once lived here, but they have left their mark for you to explore, if you choose to.

Lake Mead is THE place to go for water sports in Las Vegas. There is a wide variety of aquatic sports at Lake Mead, including swimming, water skiing, boating, diving, fishing, and much more. There is also the Hoover Dam nearby, with tours taking place daily. This lake is usually warm, with some beaches open all year long.

Mount Charleston and the nature preserves nearby are great places to escape from the heat of the city and enjoy a little time with nature. Take some time to relax while hiking or cooling off in the water.