NASCAR Las Vegas

Loud, fast and a complete adrenaline rush – terms that aptly describe the most exciting city in America, and the most exciting racing series in the world, Las Vegas and NASCAR. Bring the two together and you have a can’t miss weekend of fun and heart pounding excitement, and best of all Las Vegas car rentals can take you there in style.

NASCAR Las Vegas – 145 MPH

With a top race speed of over 145 MPH, the NASCAR pilots use every inch of the 1.5 mile tri-oval that is Las Vegas International Speedway. Trading paint and fighting for position, every NASCAR race is hard fought, and the races on the super speedways are occasions for showing off the pure power of the pushrod V8 engines generating in excess of 750 horsepower. Impressive for non turbo or supercharged 60’s technology.

Accommodation is available right inside the racetrack in the infield campground and on Motorhome Hill along the back straightaway. To maximize their weekend, race goers often pick up Las Vegas car rentals to carry themselves between the track and the rest of the city.

NASCAR: From Street Tech To High Tech

NASCAR was formed in 1948 to entertain fans who could watch professional drivers tearing up dirt oval racetracks in true street-stock cars – the same as those driving by the spectators, unlike the modern Las Vegas car rentals!

To be eligible for the racetrack, cars and equipment had to be mass produced and available to the public in the manufacturers regular street cars. The lure and prestige of competition coaxed the car companies into including new technologies in their vehicle lineups just to help their drivers win races.

Fortunately for everyday drivers, safety and performance often come hand in hand. Robust breaking systems and suspension designs were engineered with the demands and stresses of racing in mind. Performance tires were also created to handle the strains experienced while cornering at high speeds for long periods of times. The technology on all Las Vegas car rentals owes a lot to the early days of NASCAR.

Nowadays there is not much stock about NASCAR race cars. Tubular chassis and fiberglass bodies mimic the look of street versions of the manufacturers street cars, but there is nothing street about the cars that run at Las Vegas International Speedway. While automotive technologies are still tried out during NASCAR races, the emphasis is now on speed, safety and competition – winning is everything.

A Full Weekend Of Events

The big race goes on Sunday, but the entertainment kicks off on Friday with the practice sessions and qualifying for the main and support races. Watch the drivers blast around the track over 170MPH in their two-lap qualifying runs. More practice and qualifying and racing for the Busch Series race provide a full day’s entertainment on Saturday. Some of the Nextel Cup drivers also compete in the Busch series – like the fans, they cannot get enough racing.

Concession stands and the gift shop are open all weekend as well. Fans, including customers of Las Vegas car rentals, can even rent scanners at the event to listen in on the drivers and their support crews as they battle for position during the race.

Track conditions, tire wear and strategy sessions are all broadcast on open frequencies so the spectators can listen in, bringing them right inside the cars and the pits during the race. MRN Radio also broadcasts play-by-play during the race. Fans that tune in to the MRN shows know exactly what is going on and get in-depth analysis of the action as it unfolds right before their eyes.

Make the most of your NASCAR weekend experience like the thousands who book Las Vegas car rentals and head down to the Las Vegas International Speedway.