Nellis Air Force Base

Nellis Air Force Base can be found on the northeast side of Las Vegas with your luxury car rental. This location is used as a major training location for US and foreign fighter aircraft pilots.

The base covers approximately 11,300 acres of land. More than half of it is undeveloped, with more area containing structures or paved ground. There are three important areas of the base: the first is the airfield and its mission support functions. The second is the munitions area, and the last is housing, a hospital, and open space for the people who live here. When you visit with your luxury car rental, you will not have access to most of these areas.

A Brief History Of This Base

The Nellis Air Force Base began in 1940 with a survey of sites in the southwest. Las Vegas was a good option because of the clear weather and year-round flying conditions. At that time, the city was poor and in need of revitalization. A military base was a good way to boost the city. Driving through Las Vegas today with your luxury car rental , it would be difficult to imagine a time like this.

Construction on the site began in 1941, but when the U.S. entered World War II, the project became urgent. Soon, over 15,000 people were at the base. After the war, the newly created United States Air Force organized a flight school at the base. With the Cold War on the heel of the Second World War, it was not long before the base was busy again.

In 1956, the Thunderbirds came to Nellis and when you visit with your luxury car rental you may be able to catch one of their shows. The do a variety of routines in the air with their jets as a team to wow spectators on the ground.

In recent years, there have been various test projects at the base for the Air Force. There is also testing for some of the new aircraft that the Air Force is introducing, as well as training for the thousands of men and women who work here.

Seeing What They Offer

Making the trip here with your luxury car rental is not only about learning more about the military. Every November Aviation Nation is held here, sometimes called America’s Air Show. This is the annual air show held by the United States Air Force. Since it is held at the home of the Thunderbirds, they normally perform in the show. They feature the newest aircraft, with the F-22 Raptor feature last year.

Nellis Air Force Base on the northeast part of Las Vegas gives you an opportunity with your luxury car rental to see what the Air Force does for the country as well as possibly taking in a great show from the ground. The Thunderbirds can put on a show that will rival some of the big productions at the hotel!