Neon Museum

You see them everywhere – on street corners, marquees and storefront windows. They beckon to you from high above the city streets and deep inside the local club. They attract your attention regardless of your age, interest or occupation. What are these glowing signs of fun? They’re neon advertisements of course! Neon lights and signs have long been a part of the Las Vegas landscape providing the city with an atmosphere of florescent fun and exotic excitement. Las Vegas car rental customers from across the country and around the world have marveled at the complexity of these clever markers for ages until a recent not-for-profit organization established the city’s first and only Neon Museum! Dedicated to the preservation and study of these historic signs, the Neon Museum currently features an exciting array of first-class signage spanning a hundreds of genres and decades of entertainment. An attraction quite unlike any other, the Neon Museum proudly features an innovative array of programming designed to both entertain and educate visitors on the historical impact of neon signs within Las Vegas.

Follow The “Signs” For Fun In Las Vegas

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is jam-packed with nearly seven decades worth of Sin City signage. From casino marquees to restaurant advertisements, the Neon Museum has a sign from practically ever prominent Las Vegas venue (not to mention a couple of the not so well known!). Watch as the city’s history lights up right before your very eyes! From the museum’s Boneyard of donated signs to the official collection exhibits and displays, the Neon Museum is sure to have a sign that interests all the travelers in your Las Vegas car rental crew! So don’t get lost! Follow the signs to Las Vegas’ bright attraction, the Las Vegas Neon Museum!

The Boneyard: Where Old Signs Become New

Everyone has skeletons in their closet – but did you know that Las Vegas has a whole Boneyard full of them?! The Neon Museum Boneyard currently houses hundreds of the city’s most prolific ghosts, featuring signage from prominent Sin City hotels, casinos, restaurants and nightclubs. Open by appointment only, the Neon Museum Boneyard features signs from the 1940’s onward, providing Las Vegas rental car customers with access to more than half a century’s worth of Vegas memorabilia. If you’re interested in visiting this prolific graveyard during your upcoming Las Vegas rental car vacation please feel free to contact the museum for a private tour appointment. Group tours for 10 or more people cost just $5 a person, while smaller groups are welcome wit ha $50 minimum donation. All ages are welcome! Regular appointment hours fall between Tuesdays and Fridays from 11a m to 5 pm.

Eye Opening Signs

When the Neon Museum officially opened it featured just one exhibit. This exhibit was an installation refurbished sign entitled “The Hacienda Horse and Rider” located at the intersection of Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard. Las Vegas rental car customers can now find over 10 refurbished signs located throughout the city thanks to the Museum’s unwavering devotion to local history. The Museum also features galleries in front of the Neonopolis at the corner of Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard, as well as adjacent to The Fremont Street Experience Canopy. Las Vegas rental car customers are encouraged to embark on a self guided tour of the museum’s signs.

If you would like to learn more about Sin City’s exciting signage history now’s definitely the time to check out the Neon Museum! To learn more about self-guided tours, upcoming events and exhibit programs please log onto the official Neon Museum website at Las Vegas rental car companies can also contact the museum’s working offices with any questions at 1-702-387-NEON. All signs point to the exciting attractions at the Las Vegas Neon Museum so remember to stop by today for an afternoon of florescent fun!