Nevada Hot Springs

Things are getting a little steamy in and around the city of Las Vegas, and it isn’t because of the scandalous nightly entertainment. I’m talking about the area’s outstanding collection of naturally occurring hot springs. Because of geothermal activity, Nevada is home to about 300 hot springs, many of which are open for public enjoyment. Known as nature’s Jacuzzi, these hot springs provide visitors with the ultimate form of relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you’re interested in the science behind the springs, or simply looking to soak away some of your vacation planning stress, there’s nothing like spending an afternoon simmering inside a Nevada hot spring. Hot springs are conveniently located throughout the Las Vegas area, so grab a suit and get ready for some fun. The heat is always on inside the hot springs of Nevada, so expect things to get steamy quick!

Beware: The Ins & Outs Of Hot Springs Use

Before you can jump into a hot spring, it is important to understand a few rules and regulations. These include:

  • Never use soap or shampoo in the springs. Hot springs often contain threatened or endangered fish species that could be fatally harmed by ingesting the chemicals in bath products. Please note that it is also against the law to capture fish from a hot spring or release aquarium fish into the springs.
  • Some hot springs may contain Naegleria fowleri, an amoeba that can potential cause death. This amoeba is generally harmless unless it is exposed to your olfactory nerve. To avoid contact, customers of Dream Luxury Car Rentals should not submerge their heads in any hot spring. Do not take this warning lightly.
  • Do not become alarmed if your skin begins to itch after sitting in a hot spring. “Swimmers itch” is an annoying but non-serious condition caused by a parasite that lives in the springs. Customers of Dream Luxury Car Rentals can avoid contracting swimmers itch by firmly toweling off after swimming in a spring and changing into dry clothing. Dabbing rubbing alcohol on the affected areas can also help sooth the itching and clear up the infection.
  • The National Parks Service recommends against hiking into hot springs during the peak of the summer months. It is dangerous to over exert yourself in the heat.

Visit These Notable Hot Springs During Your Upcoming Vacation

Of the dozens of hot springs in Nevada, there are a few that come highly recommended from past Dream Luxury Car Rentals customers. These include:

  • Ash Springs: This hot spring is located on the Bureau of Land Management property just off US Route 93. Customers of Dream Luxury Car Rentals will be given the opportunity to sit in the 85-degree water and watch as the spring spills over into a small pond.
  • The Hot Creeks Springs: If you’re looking for a romantic hideaway during your upcoming Dream Luxury Car Rentals vacation, look no further than Hot Creeks. Hot Creeks is one of the most isolated hot springs in Nevada. It is located off State Route 318 on thee Kirch Wildlife Management Area. Hot Creek Springs offers amazing views of the nearby mountains.
  • Sauna Cave and Goldstrike Canyon: These hot springs require a little hiking in order to find them, but in the end, it’s all worth it. Sauna Cave is located a few hundred yards from Portal Road beneath Hoover Dam, while Goldstrike Canyon houses some of the hottest springs just off US 93.
  • The Caliente Hot Springs Motel: The ultimate hot springs experience can be found inside this Caliente establishment. The motel has found a way to harness hot spring water, diverting it into tubs and larger private baths. For more information, customers of Dream Luxury Car Rentals can call 1-702-726-3777.
  • Roger’s Springs: Several hot springs are located closer to Vegas and Lake Mead. Roger’s Springs is located off the North Shore Road between Echo Bay and Overton.