Nevada Motorcycle Trips

Nothing beats the feeling of wind in your hair and the open road beneath your feet, especially when you’re traveling on a custom chopper or Harley Davidson Las Vegas motorcycle rental! Las Vegas, Nevada is overflowing with exciting motorcycle trips, providing riders with crazy curves and intense inclines, so get ready to ride like a pro! From America’s Loneliest Roadway, to the Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada is overflowing with exciting motorcycle adventures! Riders will love these trips regardless of age or experience, so come on out and enjoy the scenery! Miles of endless desert await you along the roadways of Nevada, so come on out and let ‘er rip! Dream Car Rentals is proud to provide riders with some of the world’s best motorcycle rentals, so be sure to reserve yours today – the road is waiting!

Highway 50 – America’s Loneliest Highway

If you’re looking for some solitude during your trip to Las Vegas, Dream Car Rental recommends checking out America’s Loneliest Highway on your upcoming Las Vegas motorcycle rental. This endless expanse of highway offers riders a breathtaking view of the surrounding desert, along with plenty of peace and quiet! Although Highway 50 begins at Placerville, Dream Car Rentals recommends picking it up just East of Carson City. The 318 miles between Carson City and Ely, Nevada are absolutely empty, providing riders with a clear view of the road and the oncoming mountain ranges. Expect to pass through a variety of small towns during your motorcycle trip including Ft. Churchill, Fallon, Austin and Eureka before finally reaching Ely. Attractions along the route include the Fallon Air Force Base, home to the U.S. Navy’s ‘Top Gun’ school; the Grimes Point Archaeological Site and the Churchill County Museum and Archives.

Highway 375 – The Extraterrestrial Highway

Nevada State Highway 375 is by far one of the most famous highways in America. Stretching for some 98 miles, Highway 375 is located between US-93 and US-6, crossing three large desert valleys and the town of Rachel. Named after the areas many UFO sightings, Extraterrestrial Highway is the place to be on your upcoming Las Vegas motorcycle rental! Located close to the mysterious Government Research Area, Area 51, Highway 375 is the perfect place to watch for strange lights and the unexplainable! Easily driven in a day, the Extraterrestrial Highway stretches from Crystal Springs via Rachel and Warm Springs. If you’re too tired to finish the trip on your Las Vegas motorcycle rental, don’t worry! The Littke A’Le’Inn hotel in Rachel is the perfect place to catch some R&R! Dream Car Rentals reminds you to keep an eye out for cows during your upcoming motorcycle trip across Highway 375 – most of this area is still considered open range, so the chances of meeting a heifer roadblock along the way is pretty good! Cows are hard to see at night and impossible to hear above the roar of your Las Vegas motorcycle rental engine, so be sure to adjust your speed accordingly or pull over once dusk begins to settle.

Highway 447 – The California Border

Getting tired of desert motorcycle tripping? Than check out the Highway 447 route located along the borderline of Nevada and California! This exciting highway is a must-see for motorcycle trippers, thanks to curvaceous roads and high speed hills! Stretching for 160 miles, Highway 447 parallels the California borderline, providing riders with blissful scenery and untouched splendor. Of course, you can’t completely escape the desert in Nevada, so expect to pass through places like Hays Canyon Range and the Smoke Creek Desert before emerging again in civilization. Located between Fernley and Cedarville, Highway 447 can be picked up off of Interstate 80.

Dream Car Rentals strongly encourages you to check out these exciting routes in your upcoming Las Vegas motorcycle rental, as they provide visitors with a first hand look at surrounding terrain. It’s important to note that this break down is far from exhaustive, so be sure to get out and explore the roadways for yourself during your upcoming Vegas vacation!