Night Life Info

Night owls unite in the City of Sin, where the marquis is never dark and the streets are never empty of exotic rental cars and beautiful people! The nightlife in Las Vegas is second to none, what with its abundance of casinos, lounge acts, clubs and bars. It isn’t hard to understand why what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas after venturing out for a night on the town! Anything and everything is possible in the Forbidden City, so why not let loose tonight? Pulling up to a club in your snazzy exotic rental car will show everyone around that you mean business, so get out there and enjoy yourself!

Night Clubs

Las Vegas is literally teeming with nightclubs especially designed to cater to people who are looking for a good time. If you’re looking to dance, the world famous ICE Las Vegas is sure to rock your body, along with the notorious Studio 54. If you’re looking for celebrities head to Club SEVEN, the place to be for after hours fun! It would be impossible to list all of the nightclubs available in Vegas on this page, so why not check them out yourself. A leisurely cruise down Las Vegas Blvd. in your exotic rental car will do the trick nicely! For more info on ICE Las Vegas, Studio 54 and Club SEVEN keep reading!

Studio 54

Chances are you’ve driven by the MGM Grand in your exotic rental car, and you’ve probably even played a hand or two of blackjack inside. But have you visited Studio 54?! This nightclub is the perfect time-warp back to the New York discotheque golden age. A club for everyone, Studio 54 is a place where club kids come to lounge on the plush leather couches or break it down to some classic retro 70’s and 80’s beats. DJ Frankie and DJ Jose 2 Hype spin the grooves all night, so grab those bell bottoms and hit the dance floor tonight! Call 1-702-891-7254 for more information.


Club SEVEN is located in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd. and is one of the most popular hangouts for Las Vegas’ beautiful people. Club SEVEN is more than just a club though. During the day it offers margarita’s and lunch on a beautiful patio, plus an elegant dinner is served between 7 and 9PM. But once the sun goes down in the desert the fun really starts! The nightclub opens at 11PM from Friday to Sunday, and if you’re willing to wait, the hottest after hours party starts at 3AM!

Las Vegas also offers numerous bars and pubs for a more laid back approach to the Vegas nightlife along with restaurants, lounges, gay clubs hotels and casinos. For more information on some of these attractions visit Dream Car Rentals’ main page and click on the corresponding link on the left hand side.