Oasis Spa At The Luxor

In this over-the-top city called Las Vegas, grand and splendor are its middle name. Money flows in and out and status means something in this city, and nothing shows your status like your luxury car rental. Cruising around town in your luxury car rental will sure fit you right in. But all the glamour, sights and sounds can be so stimulating that they overwhelm your senses. In the midst of it all, Las Vegas has many places that you can find refuge to rest and relax despite it seems this city never sleeps. As the name suggests, go to the Oasis Spa at the Luxor and you will sure find peace and quiet for you body and mind. Drop off your luxury car rental at the valet parking and be on your way to be pampered. Afterall, you do have to revitalize yourself in the middle of a dessert before you continue on.

True to its name, the Oasis Spa at the Luxor provides a peaceful haven for its guests. Located in the quiet area of the hotel’s West Tower, the spa overlooks the hotel pool. Past the entrance and the shop that sells workout clothes and spa products is the spa’s fitness gym. Personal trainers are available and there is the Futrex 5000 Body Composition analysis using near-infrared light to measure your body composition for the brave souls. A computerized report will provide your body fat percentage, your lean body mass, estimated percentage of total body water and basal metabolic rate.

Beyond the gym, you will be directed to either the men’s or women’s spa area where you will be looked after by an attendant that will familiarize you with the Oasis Spa facilities and given instructions to prepare for your treatment. Guests can also relax in the lounge that serves fresh fruit and different kinds of beverages. Before your treatment, you will be asked to rinse off in one of the showers that each feature different scented soaps and shampoos such as lavender, ylang ylang orange, peppermint, vanilla and etc.

Like everything else at Luxor Las Vegas, treatments and services are done Egyptian-style. The Oasis Spa offers a wide selection of treatment that would be familiar to the Ancient Egyptians such as herbal and aloe wraps and different exfoliation treatments. Try a 50-minute Dead Sea Mud Masque facial to purify the skin or other services including body masques, scalp treatments and different massages such as the most sought-after Swedish and River Stone Massages. For those that would enjoy a whole day of pampering, the Oasis Spa has different packages available. One of the more popular packages, the Ultimate Pampering includes a 25 minute long body buff, 45 minutes of body masque, 50 minute Swedish massage and a 50 minute Aveda facial.

There are also other amenities available at the Oasis Spa such as dry sauna, steam bath, hot and cold whirlpool and cold plunge that is offered in the men’s spa only. Whatever you need to do to relax your body, the Oasis Spa’s array of treatments will be sure to satisfy your needs.

It is suggested to make a reservation at least one to five days in advance to ensure the desired time available to you. Out of courtesy, it is also advisable to arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment time. Planning does not require a lot of time but it will sure make your vacation goes a lot smoother. Book your appointment at the Oasis Spa at the Luxor now as well as reserve your luxury car rental with Dream Car luxury car rental today to ensure to have a great time in your upcoming vacation in Las Vegas.