If you thought Dodge City was the baddest town in the West, think again! The town of Pioche became famous for its fast guns, knife fights and vigilante ropes, surpassing any other Wild West city as the baddest around. Situated at the northwest head of Meadow Valley, Pioche was first settled in 1864 after a rich iron ore deposit was discovered. Gentile miners from all over Nevada hastened to lay their claims on the Panaca Ledge deposit and it wasn’t long before trouble stated brewing. The saying goes that 72 men died of lawlessness in Pioche before even one died of natural causes. Statistics like this made places like Tombstone, Deadwood and Dodge City seem calm in comparison. More than 1300 restless spirits are still rumored to walk the streets of Pioche, in search of their lost fortunes and forgotten fame. Some ghosts never die so why not befriend one or two during your upcoming vacation? The tourist economy in Pioche is thriving these days thanks to the town’s tumultuous history. From museums to campgrounds, Pioche has plenty of fun stuff available for you, so don’t delay. Plan a trip back to the Wild West today.

Ancient & Modern Attractions

Hanging on the side of a mountain in Nevada’s high desert, Pioche boasts a unique collection of both ancient and modern facilities. From the Boot Hill cemetery and the million-dollar courthouse to the town’s museums and local pool, there’s something for everyone in Pioche. Mild mid-summer temperatures and old-western charm make Pioche a perfect road-trip destination for most Dream Luxury Car Rentals customers. Enjoy the great outdoors during your visit with fine trout fishing, hunting and easy access to some of Nevada’s finest state parks, or immerse yourself in history with Pioche’s collection of turn of the century buildings. Pioche proudly boasts a number of fantastic walking and driving tours highlighting key areas of historical significance in the community so don’t be afraid to take the road less traveled during your upcoming trip. You’ll see everything from tombstones to saloons during your visit, not to mention a ghost or two.

Stay Awhile On Main Street Pioche

If you’re looking to enjoy a true Wild West experience during your upcoming vacation, look no further than Main Street Pioche. This thriving little center features all of Pioche’s finest establishments, many of which have been in business since the town’s original mining times. Your first stop on Main Street? Why, the historic Overland Hotel & Saloon of course. A total of 13 rooms are available at this charming hotel, providing visitors with modern comfort and western charm. Just like in the olden days, all of the rooms at the Overland are located on the second floor, straight above the saloon floor. (Don’t worry – all of the rooms are well insulated against sound).If you’re willing to travel a little further of the beaten path during your visit, Dream Luxury Car Rentals recommends staying at The Sweet Life Guest Cottage or the Wright’s Country Cabins. Both provide visitors with intimate getaways and convenient amenities.

This Sure Ain’t Vegas Anymore

Just because there aren’t tons of lights and advertisements in Pioche, there’s still plenty of exciting places worth visiting. These attractions include the 1872 “million-dollar” courthouse, the old tramway at the top of the hill and the Masonic St. John Lodge. Each building Pioche has a unique story behind its construction, not to mention a link to one (or more) of the town’s notorious murders. Many of the buildings in Pioche are extremely old; some even sport the typical “false fronts” of early pioneer villages. If you would like to learn more about the buildings in Pioche before embarking on your tour of the town, Dream Luxury Car Rentals highly recommends visiting the town’s museums for background details.

With more ghosts than living residents, Pioche is a town that prides itself on history and folk tales. If you would like to learn more about this unique tourist attraction, please log onto the official Pioche website at www.piochenevada.com. Pioche is located about 180 miles outside of Las Vegas and is a popular tourist attraction for customers of Dream Luxury Car Rentals.