Spa At Caesars Palace

Some people go to Las Vegas to go to the Grand Canyon or to show the white tigers show. Perhaps some gambling in one of the famous casinos on the Strip and enjoy the nightlife. After all the excitement and fun, why not spend a day in relaxation? Take a drive around town in your luxury car rental or tanning by the pool side, there are plenty of ways to kick back and take it easy. But there is nothing like the luscious relaxation than getting pampered at the Spa at Caesars Palace. Caesars Palace was the first of the mega-resorts and still one of the most popular because they know what luxurious treatment is all about. So why not arrive in style in your luxury car rental at the Caesars Palace. Just because you are indulging yourself in revitalizing treatments does not mean you cannot make an impression. Show your elegance as you arrive at the Caesars Palace. Just drop off your luxury car rental keys to the valet attendant and be on your way to unwind and ease all your tensions.

Located on the second floor above the Venus Salon, the Spa at Caesars Palace is all about royalty-like luxury. Stepping foot into the marble-accented, 23,000 square foot facility feels like you have been transport into the glorious times of the Roman Empire. The décor theme is ancient Rome, with statues, fountains and the odd centurion. With its array of treatments, you will be sure to feel like kings and queens by the end of the day. The Caesars Palace Spa has a fully outfitted fitness facility, including virtual-reality chambers and bike machines, complete with wind and sound, making you look at your gym back at home never the same way again.

The juice bar has outdoor terrace seating that allows guests to overlook the beautiful pool area. There is also the famous Garden of the Gods at Caesars Palace inspired by the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, a 4.5 acre oasis complete with classical statues, fountains, lawns, three pools and two outdoor whirlpool spas, letting you soak up the desert sun while the water soothes the tension out of your muscles.

Inside the Spa, there are 22 treatment rooms, a large whirlpool, wet and dry saunas and private “Duet” rooms for two. In addition to women’s and men’s individual lounges, there is a co-ed lounge in between the two areas for couples enjoying the spa. As for those that want to find a piece of peace and quiet for the mind, the Caesar Palace’s Spa has a meditation room with heated lounge chairs for some complete relaxation.

The Caesars Palace Spa’s offers a full selection of services including massages, facials, body treatments, wraps, salt glows, baths and more. Some of treatments unique to the Spa at Caesars Palace are Ayurvedic and Indonesian massages and body treatments using healing herbs and spices, providing an invigorating experience. There are spa packages available as well, combining popular salon treatment. Some of the popular ones include the Royal Treatment, Deity’s Day, Bella Notte and Bridal Bliss that features day-before and day-of treatments. The Spa’s recommendation is “day at the spa” that begins with a Venus Vitamin Body Treatment, followed by a massage, facial, shampoo/blow-dry, pedicure and manicure, guarantee that you are so refreshed that you will feel like a brand new person.

Planning ahead for a vacation is always a smart move, so when you are making a reservation for your luxury car rental, why not book your spa appointment with the Spa at Caesars Palace too. Due to its popular, it is recommended to book at least one to five days in advance. Show up in town in style with your luxury car rental and revitalize yourself at the Spa, the combination for a wonderful vacation in Las Vegas.