The Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire State Park in the Mojave Desert is the largest and oldest park in the state of Nevada. Named after the optical illusion that occurs when viewing the stunning desert terrain reflecting the hot sun, Valley of Fire offers scenic views of raw beauty.

The park is accessible via Nevada Route 169 off of Interstate 15. Las Vegas is only 50 miles away, easily accessible for travelers who wish to take their Las Vegas car rentals outside the city to spend some time with visiting the beautiful and rugged Mojave Desert.


Valley of Fire State Park offers 51 first-come, first-served campsites for Las Vegas car rentals customers and RV travelers. The sites are split between two different campgrounds and all offer excellent amenities including shaded tables, water and washrooms.

Three designated areas are available for bookings by groups of up to 45 people. These areas are perfect for use as a unique setting for weddings and family functions.

Valley Of Fire State Park Features

Ancient Indian rock art can be found at Atlatl Rock near one of the campground areas. Surviving generations in the harsh desert climate, these paintings are accessible to visitors who take care to preserve what are national historic treasures.

Unique rock features abound in the park. Formed by years of water and wind erosion, several areas have become must-see sites for visitors. Arch Rock, Piano Rock and the Beehives are some of the more famous formations.

Petrified logs and stumps dating in the millions of years are visible in a couple of different locations within Valley of Fire State Park.

Enjoying The Park

Scenic drives are an easy way to view some of the beautiful geology of Valley of Fire State Park. Visitors often opt to say comfortable in the air condition climate of their Las Vegas car rentals, as the temperature in the park peak in the summer at over 100 degrees.

To gain an appreciation of the full beauty of the park, campers need to park their Las Vegas car rentals and venture on foot to get up close to the many awe inspiring rock formations and other features that make the park so unique.

Picnics are a favored pastime of park visitors. Several areas are designated just for this purpose, offering shaded areas and washroom facilities for use by park guests.

Remember that the desert environment is harsh and often unforgiving, it is important that all guests at the park respect the desert at all times.

This means that you need to take precautions to guarantee your safety, and you must do your best to keep Valley of Fire as pristine and welcoming to adventurers as it is today.

Know your limits, make sure you do not venture too far from your base camp or means of transportation, especially in the summer months. Carry more food and water than you think you might need. You never know when you will get lost and spend a little more time in the wilderness than you expected. Travel in groups whenever possible and make sure someone who is not joining you on your expedition knows your itinerary. This may be the person who realizes you are in trouble and sends help your way.

Vegetation in the park is very fragile. Something that seems so small and insignificant is really a vital part of the desert ecosystem. Do not take your Dream Car Rental off the designated trails. Instead, use your vehicle to help you reach the starting points of hiking trails much deeper into the park than you would ever be able to go on foot alone.

Wildlife is shy and nocturnal. Foxes, coyotes, snakes, reptiles and several species of rodents all call the park home. You will have to be patient and quiet to see most of these animals however. If you do come across some creatures that call the park home, be kind and and try to enjoy these sightings from as great a distance as possible. The less these animals are disturbed, the healthier they will remain.

Offering the Best of Both Worlds

Nearby attractions, easily reachable by Las Vegas car rentals include the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. You can make your trip a combination of visits to natural and man-made wonders.

With Las Vegas itself within an hours drive, a vacation to the Valley of Fire State Park is bound to yield postcard worthy pictures and memories to hold on to forever.