Thunderbird Museum At Nellis Air Force Base

The Nellis Air Force Base in Clark County is only a short drive from Las Vegas with your luxury car rental. In 1950, the Thunderbirds came to Nellis, where they are still based. They have been performing air demonstrations since they were initiated in 1946 as the Blue Angels.

The Thunderbirds will put on a great show for you when you come with your luxury car rental, performing aerobatic formations in specialty USAF jet aircraft. You will also be able to learn more about them when you spend time on the base.

Other Museums In Las Vegas

Visiting museums in Las Vegas with your luxury car rental is easy. However, keeping with the spirit of the city, many of the museums have a twist unlike museums you may find in other cities.

Elvis-A-Rama – a shrine to Elvis in a city full of impersonators. This was the place to see Elvis through his possessions before Graceland opened. The museum includes live performances by Elvis wannabes.

Liberace Museum – features some of the finest costumes, jewelry, cars, antiques, and more to show the quirkiness of some of the world’s elite.

M&M’s World – a specialty museum of rare and distinct M&M’s found in showcase mall. Be sure to check this out when you go shopping with your luxury car rental.

Guinness World Of Records Museum – right off the strip with your luxury car rental, this museum brings to life some of the strangest records in its collection.

Hollywood Movie Museum – tour the golden age of movies from the 1920s to the 1950s with a first-hand look at Hollywood from the silent film era and beyond.

Bellagio Gallery Of Fine Art Museum – Vegas also has its serious side. The Bellagio has a nice collection of fine art from private collections and museums around the world.

Wynn Collection Of Fine Art – also found in a hotel, this is another collection of fine art from contemporary artists.

The Nellis Air Force Base has a museum dedicated to the Thunderbirds, a team of people who perform aerobatic tricks with their jets. Las Vegas is not only for gambling. There are many other activities for you to do while you are here that are outside of the casino. If you are traveling with kids or people who don’t like to gamble, this is a fun-filled day on the outskirts of the city. Make sure you see as much of Las Vegas as you can while you are here with your luxury car rental! You don’t want to miss this.